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The Value of Community: What Defines Success?

by Deborah Altus
And what if the definition of success is going to kill the spirit of what you are doing? Read this beautiful perspective and let yourself feel the comfort, the satisfaction and even the pride of your creation. Indeed a surprise.

Twin Oaks: An egalitarian community

by Transition Bus
Isn't as isoteric as it might sound. This format is a modular one and worth thinking of.
Check what are your feelings and beliefs regarding egalliation. What brought you to see it that way?

Boulder Classism Destroys a Co-op

by Christina Gosnell, Daily Camera
A piece every person interested in co-housing should be familar with

National Council of Mission Driven Communities in Israel, video

by Mandel Foundation
If you heaven't heard yet the name Mandel Foundation, check it out.

Overcoming Our Americanness

by Colin Doyle
The desire to connect and co create is not new. What is it than which makes people want to establish new communities instead of joining an existing one? Something to think about.

Social Permaculture: Applying the Principles

by brush
What does it take to apply nature's wisdom into community life? In few minutes you can step into a new experiment with your community.

Life Lessons for Community Longevity

by Graham Ellis
So many of the points here are familiar to us all! The wisdom of an expirienced leader can help others avoid some crucial mistakes. Take some time for reading it.
This must-read is not an easy one. Turn it into a public discussion: Divide chapters between members and ask them to read it in a community gathering and lead a talk around the text. Worth the effort!

Making a Case for Urban Cohousing

by Grace H. Kim
Here is a professional view about this hot topic. Cohousing is something to learn, here is the first step

Makom?s Bnei Akiva Community in Gvanim Beer Sheva

What do you feel when looking at this picture? How would you name this vibe?

Makom?s Pardes Community

We are all together here, so take a look how others do it.

Join the fourth Jewish Intentional Communities Conference by Rachel Aronson, Jewschool

by Rachel Aronson
The power of gathering is bigger than words. Joining the year conerence of intentional communities is not for nothing a real milestone for all participants.

Learning from Our Past

by Bill Metcalf
What do you think are the core components of intentional community? This is a sharp summary of insights that can give you a useful perspective.