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The right model of leadership

by Simon Sinek | WOBI
After all, without trust it is not going to work. Listening to this speaker, from a different field, is an interesting way to open real questions. Do we know how to create and nourish a trusting enviroment?
Ask yourself: Am I trustworthy? In what sense? Who do I expect to trust me? Why?

Honoring the Conversation: Turning a Neighborhood into a Community in Intown Atlanta

by Stephen Wing
Is a true story, believe it or not. People can really change reality by voicing ideas in a heartful way. You can do it too.
Tell yourself about a conflict you experienced in the past. Write down some ideas you could have used for a better outcome. Share with other members and ask for feedback.

Compassion and the true meaning of Empathy

by Joan Halifax
One of the strongest tools ever is compassion. Watch this powerful talk, it is more than worth you time.

Soulful Organisations

by Frederic Laloux
Frederic Laloux offers a stunning point of view. It is actually so basic and makes so much sense, that we have to ask ourselves how came this isn't the norm everywhere.

Radical wisdom for a company, a school, a life

by Ricardo Semler
In short, this is a great master. Get this inspiration and impliment it in ALL fields of your community.
Do you consider yourself as a brave educator? A creative leader? Ask your mates what is their definition for bravery. It's an essential question to be asked once in a while. Ask yourself what can bravery add to the new generation of our community? What would it do to our common future?

Pascale Bercovitch – An Inspiring Model

by Israeli TV 2
Someone to admire and learn from!
Who are your heroes? What role do they play in your daily life?

Grassroots Activism Starts at Home

by Dan Hines
Where is your personal mission touching the communal mission? It's all about crystalizing it. This is a beautiful perspective to take with you.

Five Tools to Help Groups Thrive

by Melanie Rios
How difficult it is to run a community is no a secret. Useful obsevation of the common challenges will spare some conflicts.

Another Kind of Leadership

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
Once you ask yourself how to turn a collective of people into a community, you will never look at a room of people in the same way again. This resource will guide you to this transformative understanding
Make a straw poll with your community members: *Do we feel like even partners? *How much do you see our day to day work as a horizontal venture? *What can add to our way of communication so mutual missions feel more inclusive? *Ask your fellows: what spices up your drive to do things for others?