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Hazon-Seal presentation JICC 2018

Sustainability as a core value demands rising awarness constantly. Here is a useful set for a community discussion. Method, Presentation and practical guideline for a fruitful process.

Ecovillages Worldwide – Local Solutions for Global Problems

by Leila Dregger
What is an eco-village? And what is the contribution of this constellation to us all? Read this powerful article.

Climate Crisis, Dystopia, and Community

by Chris Roth
There is so much power in our instinctive belief in the need for change. A community with such devotion is something to read about.

To Cultivate and to Preserve

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
A remarkable gem of wisdom about the infinite balance between nature and humanity.
Choose the piece you feel more aligned with and try to tell the story of your community with it. What is the vision of your community in this context?

Shmittah Unplugged

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
This sourcesheet is divided into chapters. You can either study them one after the other or go straight to the issues that are most interesting for you.

Egypt and Technology

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
In our hyper-technological society, the mere connection between humaniy and nature becoms a question. Jewish sources can inspire our exploration in that direction
Do a go around and share the most natural experience you evenr had, and the most artificial one. To what extent did each one inspire or energize you? What do miss and gain when connecting with nature? What do we miss and gain when moving away from it towards technological lives?

The Tesla of Eco-Villages by Dana Varinsky, Business Insider

by Dana Varinsky
Making this magnificent construction real, is indeed possible.

2018 Spotlight on Filmmakers Podcast

by Tawai director and subject Bruce Parry
"We train ourselves to reconnect" Bruce Parry.
How do you see the link between interconnectedness and reconnecting with the Planet? When do you feel you touch the core of your connection with yourself and with your enviroment?

Sustainable is Possible: Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig at TEDxCarletonCollege

by Ma'ikwe Schaub Ludwig
This wise lady has a point! Sustainability has indeed a bad PR. So what else is out there, that we so need to be aware of, but refuse to open up about? Take some time and watch this TED talk

Makom?s Hashomer Hatzair Community in Beer Sheva

What do children want? They want to sense, to engage, to learn by doing. Here is an inventive idea.
Ask your team: How much are you afraid of messy stuff? How much do you allow it in your program?

Twin Oaks: An egalitarian community

by Transition Bus
Isn't as isoteric as it might sound. This format is a modular one and worth thinking of.
Check what are your feelings and beliefs regarding egalliation. What brought you to see it that way?