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Participatory Budgeting in an Income-Sharing Community

by Adder Oaks
Money has never been an easy topic. So how do you work with it? This is an inspiring one.

Radical wisdom for a company, a school, a life

by Ricardo Semler
In short, this is a great master. Get this inspiration and impliment it in ALL fields of your community.
Do you consider yourself as a brave educator? A creative leader? Ask your mates what is their definition for bravery. It's an essential question to be asked once in a while. Ask yourself what can bravery add to the new generation of our community? What would it do to our common future?

The Return of the Utopians by Akash Kapur, The New Yorker

by Akash Kapur
Intentional communities in retrospective!
Think of the connection between Tikun Olam and the utopian movement. Where are the ponts we should be very careful with? What shall we pay attention to? Good intention can go wrong after all. What will keep the mission safe, and the process on track as well?

Overcoming Apartheid – the Global Ecovillage Network

by Kosha Joubert
And what about the rippelles? Could you beleive how much effect your community can create? This is a beautiful piece to read

Opportunity Village: Community For The Homeless

by Originals | msnbc
It is touching, it is hopeful, and goes hand in hand with your communal heart.

Ecovillages Worldwide – Local Solutions for Global Problems

by Leila Dregger
What is an eco-village? And what is the contribution of this constellation to us all? Read this powerful article.

Climate Crisis, Dystopia, and Community

by Chris Roth
There is so much power in our instinctive belief in the need for change. A community with such devotion is something to read about.

Unschooling – An excerpt from the documentary Class Dismissed

by John Holt
Even if you think the school is good for children, having a critical eye and doubting the system, will only improve the level of education school can offer. Challenge yourself!

The Phil Donahue Show discussing homeschooling 1981

by John Holt
Another worthy piece from John Holt. It's confronts the real issues, and that's why we reccomend it.
Write your own manifest as an answer to this opinion.

RSA ANIMATE: Changing Education Paradigms

by Sir Ken Robinson
Every educator know that one system will system not fit all children. It's the biggest challenge of the educator make the system fit the chlid, instead of pther way around. Listen to Sir Ken Robinson. Worth it!
Ask at your team: How innovative are we with children who have different needs?

Twin Oaks: A Commune Where 100 Adults Raise 17 Kids

by Beth Greenfield
What is the dream of all parents? Check this concept and see what does it do to community life
Raise this issue for discussion: In what way can our community support the daily parenthood challenges? What do you feel is your main struggle as a parent? What could help you overcome this?

The Hot New Millenial Housing Trend is a Repeat of the Middle Ages by Ilana E. Strauss, The Atlantic

by Ilana E. Strauss
How would you like to see the relationship between alone-time and shared-time? This question has troubled all types of collectives for thousands of years. This is a rich perspective around the theme of communal living. Worth reading!

Social Permaculture – What Is It?

by Starhawk
It's not just poetic, it's practical. Connection between nature's cycle and social constructions. This is true food for thought.

Twin Oaks: An egalitarian community

by Transition Bus
Isn't as isoteric as it might sound. This format is a modular one and worth thinking of.
Check what are your feelings and beliefs regarding egalliation. What brought you to see it that way?