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Ravenna Kibbutz: A Jewish Intentional Community in Seattle

by Sebastian Schulman, the Yiddish Book Center
This short video gives the sense of glue which brings people together.

Full House

by Henry Graber, Slate
Might sound familiar to you. What scares the authorities so much about cohousing?

Reclaiming ?Redneck? Urbanism: What urban planners can learn from trailer parks

by Nolan Gray, Market Urbanism
Rethinking reality can quickly turn dreams into reallity. Co-housing makes a tight-knit community, this we already know. This article offers an interesting way of making it possible.

The Hot New Millenial Housing Trend is a Repeat of the Middle Ages by Ilana E. Strauss, The Atlantic

by Ilana E. Strauss
How would you like to see the relationship between alone-time and shared-time? This question has troubled all types of collectives for thousands of years. This is a rich perspective around the theme of communal living. Worth reading!

Twin Oaks: An egalitarian community

by Transition Bus
Isn't as isoteric as it might sound. This format is a modular one and worth thinking of.
Check what are your feelings and beliefs regarding egalliation. What brought you to see it that way?

Boulder Classism Destroys a Co-op

by Christina Gosnell, Daily Camera
A piece every person interested in co-housing should be familar with

Making a Case for Urban Cohousing

by Grace H. Kim
Here is a professional view about this hot topic. Cohousing is something to learn, here is the first step

Jewish cohousing: a vision of intentional neighborhood

by Roger Studley, Sh?ma
Get the glimps of the magical effect communty life, in a cohousing format, has on one's wellbeing.

Income-Sharing Community Expands Tofu Business

Living togeher, dreaming in collective terms, might sound like a fictional utopia, but it is a reality for many members of the kibbutz movement. Read more...
What dreams do you dare sharing with your fellows?