Explore the Hakhel Network

Hakhel communities are everywhere, from Palo Alto, CA to South Korea. They come from all Jewish backgrounds, have different missions, and explore almost every form of communal living from rural spiritual farms to Jewish co-housing.

We celebrate that diversity and encourage learning
from and with everyone.



Lavi Community Vienna – Vienna, Austria
Alumot – Cambridge, England
Kvutsa Ivrit – Hackney, England
Sadeh – Kent (London), England
Dor – London, England
Kehila – Oxford – Oxford, England
JewSalsa Lyons – Lyons, France
JewSalsa Marseilles – Marseilles, France
JewSalsa Paris – Paris, France
Kehilla- Paris – Paris, France
Neshama – Paris – Paris, France
Lavi Community Berlin – Berlin, Germany
Kehila – Dusseldorf – Dusseldorf, Germany
Lavi Community Dusseldorf – Dusseldorf, Germany

Lavi Community Frankfurt – Frankfurt, Germany
B’kizer – Hessen, Germany
Bayit – Munich, Germany
Lavi Community Budapest – Budapest, Hungary
JOI – Jewish, Open & Inclusive – Milan, Italy
Kehila of Roma – Rome, Italy
Kehila – Amsterdam – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Kehilla Maastricht – Maastricht, Netherlands
Kehila – Rotterdam – Rotterdam, Netherlands
Asociacion Solidaria Neder – Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona Israeli Community – Barcelona, Spain
Kehila – Zurich – Zurich, Switzerland

South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

9th Street – Johannesburg, South Africa
B’tocham Education – Johannesburg, South Africa
Jozi Partnership Minyan – Johannesburg, South Africa
Hashomer Hatzair Australia – Melbourne, Australia
HeChalutz – Melbourne – Melbourne, Australia
Isra Ru – Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne JComm – Melbourne, Australia
Subbotnick – Melbourne, Australia
Shorashim – Perth, Australia
HeChalutz – Sydney – Sydney, Australia
HeChalutz – Auckland – Auckland, New Zealand

Latin America

Hakehilla Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lazos Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires, Argentina
CCMA-kehila- Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lazos Santiago – Santiago, Chile
Kol Ami – Mexico City – Mexico City, Mexico
Lazos Mexico – Mexico City, Mexico
Lazos Panama City – Panama City, Panama
Lazos Lima – Lima, Peru
CCMA – Montovideo – Montevideo, Uruguay

United States and Canada

HDNA – Miriam – Vancouver, Canada
Challah & Babka – Kingston, Canada
Hashomer Hatzair Canada – Toronto, Canada
RuJuLa Families – Chatsworth, CA
Beth Jacob Irvine – Irvine, CA
Career Up Now Community – Los Angeles, CA
Organic Yeshiva of Sacramento – Sacramento, CA
Urban Kibbutz – SD – San Diego, CA
Batlanim – San Francisco, CA
Urban Kibbutz – SF – San Francisco, CA
Or Gavoha – Encino, CA
Queer and Trans Rosh Chodesh – Boulder, CO
Shakshuka – Boulder, CO
Frum Farm – Hotchkiss, CO
Bnei Israel – Willimantic, CT
Jewish Artists of DC – Washington, DC
K’far DC – Washington, DC
JEM Miami – Miami, FL
Yummy Soul Farm and Kitchen – Atlanta, GA
Asiyah – Boston, MA
Boston Moshav – Boston, MA

Moed – Chevy, MD
Kibbutz Detropia – Detroit, MI
Hashomer Hatzair – East Brunswick, NJ
Alliance Community Reboot – Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Moshav – Brooklyn, NY
Eli Reiter – Brooklyn, NY
HDNA – Brooklyn Commune – Brooklyn, NY
Hevria – Brooklyn, NY
HDNA – Ken YC (Galil) – New York, NY
Sephardic-Mizrahi Q Network – New York, NY
Art Kibbutz – New-York, NY
FED – New-York, NY
UWS Jews – Upper West Side, NY
Havaya – Cincinnati, OH
Yitzmach – Cleveland, OH
Harrisburg Tzibur – Harrisburg, PA
Moshav Derekh Shalom – Lancaster, PA
HDNA – Galil Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA
Rappers & Rabbis – Philadelphia, PA
Living Tree Alliance – Moretown, VT
The Seattle Chevra – Seattle, WA

Eastern Europe and Asia

Koah – Bobruisk, Belarus
Arba Minim – Gomel, Belarus
Hutspa – Minsk, Belarus
Shemesh – Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Hesed Tikvah – Bishkek, Kyrgystan
Reform community of Lithuania – Vilnius, Lithuania
Adain Lo Camp Leaders – St. Petersburg, Russia
Jewish Family Center Adain Lo – St. Petersburg, Russia
Menora – Yekaterinburg, Russia
YPS – Dnepro, Ukraine
Kharkov Post Metzuda – Kharlov, Ukraine
Kiev – Post Metzuda – Kiev, Ukraine
Aspaklariya – Lvov, Ukraine
Hakehilla Korea – Seoul, South Korea

Hakhel empowers community building
from the grassroots.

We seek out partners all over the world and bring them together to share, teach, and inspire each other.

Each community is set up with a professional advisor and is invited to a learning trip in Israel, an international annual conference and offered many other opportunities for networking, training, and growth.

Contact us if you would like to partner with Hakhel to expand the Jewish intentional communities network.