Holiday Resources

What should I serve for Rosh Hashanah?
How can I make my sukkah more sustainable?
What might an ecologically-inspired, spiritually-tuned-in, multi-generational non-denominational Tu B’Shvat Seder look like – and how can I host one?

We’re glad you asked!

Over the years Hazon has developed a number of resources to help you celebrate the Jewish holidays in line with your values and to use these key moments in the Jewish calendar to bring some of our most complicated struggles to light. Use these resources to inspire a theme for a holiday, an activity for your family or event for your community. Feel free to use these suggestions any time of year!

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Sustainable Holiday Resources

Greening Your Shabbat TableShabbat

Green Your Shabbat: tips for serving up a sustainable seventh-day meal and other Shabbat traditions.


Sustainable Kiddush - How to Host OneKiddush

Work with your synagogue community to serve healthier and more sustainable food at Kiddush and synagogue events.


Healthy and Sustainable Rosh Hashanah ResourcesRosh Hashanah

Program ideas, menu suggestions, and tips for making the most of this season of teshuva (return to our best selves).


Healthy and Sustainable Yom Kippur ResourcesYom Kippur

Instead of spending the day focused on your own hunger while fasting, spend time learning about Judaism’s view of food waste.


Healthy, Sustainable Sukkot ResourcesSukkot

From sukkah decorations to menu suggestions, we’ll help you, your family, and your community have a sustainable sukkot this year.


Healthy, Sustainable Chanukah ResourcesChanukah

Tips on how to green your Chanukah celebration, as well as new takes on classic recipes!


Tu BiShvat ResourcesTu b’Shvat

The New Year of the Trees offers endless possibilities for environmentally-themed programming.  Download our Haggadah, try a new recipe, and much more.


Healthy, Sustainable Purim ResourcesPurim

Sustainable celebration ideas for one of the wackiest holidays in the Jewish calendar, from mishloach manot suggestions to party ideas


Healthy, Sustainable Passover ResourcesPassover

What’s on your seder plate?  Healthy and sustainable tips for leaving Mitzrayim.


Healthy Sustainable Shavuot ResourcesShavuot

Indulge in sustainable dairy delights and pick up some great resources for your all-night study this Shavuot!