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The Welfare State: Is the Jewish Approach to Poverty Individual or Communal?

by Richard Friedman
This piece explores the integral connection between social justice, welfare and community.
Ask your board members: in what sense we apply already to these values and where do we still have a way to go. Good luck!

Ravenna Kibbutz: A Jewish Intentional Community in Seattle

by Sebastian Schulman, the Yiddish Book Center
This short video gives the sense of glue which brings people together.

In Washington Heights, a Model of Orthodox Inclusivity Emerges

by Simone Somekh, The Forward
Sense of belonging is what turns a community meanningful. This live and kicking community does what many others should do. Read more.

Core Features of Being Jewish

by Micah Goodman
Do you agree with Goodman?

Who are Your Guests?

by Eryn London
What is Sukkot all about? Go one step further into the anceint tradition and discover what it means to host guest in your home or community

Small Town and Big Town

by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneorsson
Looking at the connections between internal and external, spiritual and physical surroundings, this is an open invitation for your thoughts. Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneorsson leads you there.

The Individual and Society (R’ Chaim Navon, Yeshivat Har Etzion)

by Yael Levine
Where is the line between healthy expressions of individualism and communal unity? This piece discusses the question in depth.

Happiness and a Broken Heart

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
The human heart is an inspiring thing. Some insights from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov exploring what makes the human condition so unique.

Intentional Communities

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
Why is it so crucial for us to find meaning in what we are doing? And how can community become the anchor of meaningful existance?

Love Your Fellow

by Danny Gold
How is it that in communities build around social activism, the core value of loving your neighbour can be forgotton? This resource can help you get to the bottom of the problem
Design an event dedicated to this theme. Let the children offer an activity, where they can play their role in the community

7 Habits of Highly United Jews

by Eli Talk David Bratslavsky
Try to imagine what could be to achieved if your community was more united. This resource will provide you with seven tools to acheive this.
Ask your partners and yourself: In what way are we modeling unity? How is our internal dialog reflecting openness and unity?

Do I want a Connection or a Community?

by Scott Bolton
An exploration of the human desire for connection- what can quench the need for connection, and is community the only answer?

It’s time to reclaim religion

by Sharon Brous
Sharon Brous renews the value of religion. It's fresh, it's brave, it's touching.
What are the feelings regarding religion at your community? Give space to all voices and see what it will bring

Jewish cohousing: a vision of intentional neighborhood

by Roger Studley, Sh?ma
Get the glimps of the magical effect communty life, in a cohousing format, has on one's wellbeing.