The climate crisis is the moral imperative of our time. We call on you to act!

The word brit means “covenant.” (And the word hazon means “vision.”)

The Brit Hazon is a framework by which you can make a personal commitment to manifest a shared vision of a more sustainable and equitable world. 

Make a personal commitment to change your behavior in response to the global climate crisis – we offer the tool below to help you get started.

Consider giving your time or money to organizations who work to create a more sustainable world for all — including Hazon.

Lift your voice and amplify the work of Hazon and others by advocating for real and lasting change in your communities.

Taking action on your Brit Hazon journey is easy! Just follow these steps.

1) Review the following categories and decide which area you’d like to take action on for the next six weeks.

2) Click “Check it out!”

3) Choose 1-3 actions from the provided list and hit submit! (If you are participating as a part of a Brit Community Group, choose the group name from the dropdown when you submit your form.)

4) After submitting the form, you will receive six weekly emails to support you on your journey. You’ll gain access to new knowledge, thoughtful tips, recipes, and so much more along the way!

Transition to a Plant-Rich Diet

Transition To a Plant Rich Diet

Industrial production of meat and dairy is one of the largest contributors to climate change today. Reduce your environmental impact by pledging to eat more plants and fewer animal products.
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Reduce Energy Use

Reduce Energy Use

Our rampant consumption of non-renewable energy is a significant source of carbon emissions and other pollution. We can significantly reduce our environmental impact by taking steps to reduce our energy use.
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Reduce Food Waste

Reduce Food Waste

Around the world, almost a third of all food produced is discarded. Not only is this a waste of resources like water, fertilizer, labor, and land but the methane released as this food decomposes is a powerful greenhouse gas. Reduce your environmental impact by minimizing food waste.
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Get Growing/ Buy Local

Get Growing/Buy Local

Global shipping, especially of refrigerated goods, is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing to grow your own produce and/or buy from local vendors, you support your local economy and lower your carbon footprint!
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Reduce Household Waste

Reduce Household Waste

The overconsumption of single-use products and packaging is connected to all of the top 10 contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention many other pollutants. Generate less waste to reduce your environmental impact.
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Buy Less Stuff

Buy Less Stuff

The resource consumption and waste generation of global society has skyrocketed in the last few decades. By buying less stuff we can significantly decrease our environmental impact while freeing up our resources for more of what really matters.
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Want to get your whole community involved?

See Who Has Committed to the Brit Hazon

Commitments Made
Brit Community Groups

Ace Leveen
Adam Lessne
Alan Bernstein
Becca Gan Levy
Becky O’Brien
Brett Cohen
Brit Stamey
Bruce Spierer
Cat Jenkins
Cathy Lichtman
Chantal Noa Forbes
Darya Watnick
David Fain
Dyonna Ginsburg
Eliezar Weinbach
Elly Malka Faden
Emily Levine
Ethan Dlugie
Faye Wolf
Hannah Elovitz
Hannah Henza
Jack Henza
Jack Sternling
Janna Siller

Janet Kolodner
Jay Resnick
Jeff Levy-Lyons
Jeff Silver
Jessica Thompson
Jill Hekkanen
Joanna Berens
Julia Saccente
Julie Ban
Julie Levine
Rabbi Joshua Ratner
Julia Goldstein
Kira Rukin
Laurie Hoffman
Liana Rothman
Lorrie Tishler
Louise Hetzler
Les Judd
Lori Dafilou
Mark Spitzer
Meryl Crean
Noah Slovin
Pam Dorman
Phylis Blumberg

Raphi Gold
Rebecca Adler
Rebecca Dengrove
Renee Frank
Ruth Rohn
Richard Slutzky
Samantha Zuckerberg
Sara Gross
Sarah Wolk
Scott Lewis
Shamu Sadeh
Shuli Karkowsky
Sonia Cummings
Stephanie Jofe
Steven Rubenstein
Steven Sanderson
Tamar Yanay
Tony Q.
Valerie Gerstein
Violet Neff-Helms
Walter Hollander
Zev Morgan