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Brit means “covenant” and Hazon means “vision” – the Brit Hazon is a personal commitment to creating a more sustainable world for all.

Between now and October 1 we’re asking Hazon Seal of Sustainability sites to join The Brit Hazon Challenge. The site with the most commitments to the Brit Hazon by October 1 will receive $1000 toward a future sustainability project.  Sign your community up below or email seal@hazon.org to participate.

Not a Seal Site but still want to participate? We encourage any Jewish institution or community to join the Hazon Seal of Sustainability – all new and existing sites are eligible to participate.

We know taking action is hard. As part of the Brit Hazon, we'll send you tips and tricks to get started.

We offer six guided paths, each with their own educational email journey. By signing the Brit Hazon, you are committing to learning and taking action to create a more environmentally sustainable world for all.

Follow these steps for your Brit Hazon:

1) Check out the toggles below to learn more about ways you can make a difference. 

2) Decide which area you’d like to take action on for the next six weeks and complete the sign up form (If you are participating as a part of a Brit Community Group, choose the group name from the dropdown when you submit your form.)

3) After submitting the form, you will receive six weekly emails to support you on your journey. You’ll gain access to new knowledge, thoughtful tips, recipes, and so much more along the way!

Transition to a Plant-Rich Diet

Transition To a Plant Rich Diet

Industrial production of meat and dairy is one of the largest contributors to climate change today. Reduce your environmental impact by pledging to eat more plants and fewer animal products.
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Reduce Energy Use

Reduce Energy Use

Our rampant consumption of non-renewable energy is a significant source of carbon emissions and other pollution. We can significantly reduce our environmental impact by taking steps to reduce our energy use.
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Reduce Food Waste

Reduce Food Waste

Around the world, almost a third of all food produced is discarded. Not only is this a waste of resources like water, fertilizer, labor, and land but the methane released as this food decomposes is a powerful greenhouse gas. Reduce your environmental impact by minimizing food waste.
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Get Growing/ Buy Local

Get Growing/Buy Local

Global shipping, especially of refrigerated goods, is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing to grow your own produce and/or buy from local vendors, you support your local economy and lower your carbon footprint!
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Reduce Household Waste

Reduce Household Waste

The overconsumption of single-use products and packaging is connected to all of the top 10 contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention many other pollutants. Generate less waste to reduce your environmental impact.
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Buy Less Stuff

Buy Less Stuff

The resource consumption and waste generation of global society has skyrocketed in the last few decades. By buying less stuff we can significantly decrease our environmental impact while freeing up our resources for more of what really matters.
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Want to get your whole community involved?

See who has committed to the Brit Hazon

Ace Leveen
Adam Lessne
Aileen Grossman
Alan Bernstein
Alan Weisner
Allyson Brooks
Ambrose Carroll
Amy Eilberg
Andrea Glasser
Anita Barrows
Arlene Juran
Arlene Miller
Audrey Rhodes
Audrey Rhodes
Aviva Levine Jacobs
Ayala Levin-Kruss
Barbara Truitt
Bari Hochwald
Batya Spector
Becca Gan Levy
Becca Linden
Becky O’Brien
Ben Adams
Bernard Plovnick
Betty Kagan
Beverly Zeldin-Palmer
Braja RuthAnne Tarletz
Brett Cohen
Brian Harris
Brit Stamey
Bruce Frank
Bruce Shaffer
Bruce Spierer
Caleb Novick
Camille Angel
Cantor Shayna Postman
Carly Conatser
Carly Eisen
Carol Gantman
Carole Nobel
Carrie Reinis
Cat Jenkins
Catherine Fischer
Cathy Lichtman
Chantal Noa Forbes
Charlotte Barron
Cindy Bronen
Cindy Solomon
Claire Magidovitch Green
Colleen Carr
Corey Weinstein
Cory Munson
Cynthia Passaretti
Darya Watnick
David Fain
David Levin-Kruss
Debbi Ross
Debbie Bram
Debbie Shohat
Deborah E Sachs Barsky
Deborah Staiman
Deborah Stang
Deloris Weinstein
Denise Handlarski
Devorah Lynn
Diana Miller
Diane Nissen
Dina Kawer
Dolores Sims
Donna Horwitz
Dorit Levy
Dorothy Richman
Dror Bina
Dyonna Ginsburg
Eileen Gruber
Elaine Jacoby
Eli Bock
Eliezar Weinbach
Elise Hocking
Elisheva Massel
Elizabeth Cohen
Elizabeth Friedman
Elizabeth Himmeles
Elizabeth Vincent
Ellen S
Elliot Figman
Elliot Holin
Elly Malka Faden
Emily Brown
Emily Levine
Enid Weisberg-Frank
Ethan Dlugie
Eva Kates
Evan Ferber
Eve Ilsen
Faye Wolf
Firkins Reed
Florence Manson
Francine Levine
George Leposky
Ginger Odom
Gloria Gura
Hannah Elovitz
Hannah Henza
Harriet Cohen
Harriet Lit
Harriet Sherman
Harris Sokoloff
Hasha Perman
Helene Zimmerman
Helio Cirlinas
Hilarie Hauptman
Hye mee Moon
Irit Darmon
Jacalyn Dinhofer
Jack Henza
Jack Sternling
Jacqueline Tuttle
Janet Falk

Janet Kolodner
Janna Siller
Jason Pinsky
Jay Resnick
Jeff Cohen
Jeff Levy-Lyons
Jeff Reiner
Jeff Silver
Jennifer Cali
Jenny Berz
Jessica Thompson
Jill Hekkanen
Jill Marder-Meyer
Joan Hakimi
Joanna Berens
Joanna Lubkin
Jonah Goldman
Jonathan Golub
Jonathan Knopf
Jonathan Knopf
Joni Fishman
Josh Feigelson
Judah Rosen
Judith Blanchard
Judith Lyons
Judith S Karp
Judith Schmidt
Judy Carr
Judy Fisher
Judy Schermer
Judy Wright
Julia Blair
Julia Goldstein
Julia Saccente
Julie Ban
Julie Kohl
Julie Levine
Karen Gold
Karen Gurmankin
Karen Lewis
Kate Habgood
Kate Speizer
Kathy Kates
Kavita Chudavala
Ken Dunn
Ken King
Kim Harris
Kira Rukin
Krystle Wright
Lana Bernhardt
Larry Yermack
Laura Eytan
Laura Frances Russell-Zelenka
Laura Goldston
Laura Hegfield
Laura Rotter
Laura Zinker
Lauren Blatt
Lauren Grodnicki
Lauren Koppel
Laurie Hoffman
Leah Berkowitz
Leah Koenig
Leah Pickar
Leah Soifer
Leonard Helfand
Les Judd
Lew Weiss
Liana Rothman
Lillian Winard
Liora Katherine Gale
Lisa Grant
Lisa Mason
Lisa Schachter-Brook
Liz Feldstern
Lonnie Knell
Lori Dafilou
Lorraine Brown
Lorrie Tishler
Louise Hetzler
Louise Levy
Louise Lipsey
Lyn Fine
Lynne Golodner
Malke Frank
Mannie Zeller
Marc Margolius
Marci Aerenson
Marcia Storch
Marie Reynolds
Marie Reynolds
Marina Gatskan
Mark Spitzer
Marsha Lynn
Mary Anne Winig
Maryann Stimmer
Melanie Zaken
Melissa Kurtz
Meredith Warshaw
Merle D’Alba
Meryl Crean
Meryl Epstein
Michael Jacobson
Michael Jofe
Michael Rees
Michele Oram
Michelle Harmon
Michelle Horowitz
Michelle Weinberg
Mindy Fernandez
Miriam Fridman
Mollie Malmin
Monda Sagalkin
Morgan Weir
Myriam Klotz
Nachshon Carmi
Nancy Abraham Talo
Nancy Sidhu
Nancy Snyder

Naomi Levin
Neshama Waller
Nigel Savage
Noah Slovin
Ofer Keren
Olga Mesonjnik
Om Shrees Prabhupada
Pam Dorman
Pamela Wax
Patricia Kathleen Barr
Paula Noe
Paulette Rochelle-Levy
Pauline Raymond
Perry Honey Hochstadt
Phylis Blumberg
Phyllis Nutkis
Rabbi Alyson Solomon
Rabbi Isaac Serotta
Rabbi Joshua Ratner
Rabbi Michael Birnholz
Rachel Doyle
Rachel Gildiner
Rachel Goodman
Rachel Kerbrat
Rachel Lawent
Rachel Miller
Rachel Novick
Rachel Stein
Rachel Weissman
Ramy Kaufler
Randy Sheinberg
Raphi Gold
Raymond Russolillo
Rebecca Adler
Rebecca Dengrove
Rebecca Lenkiewicz
Rebecca Lenkiewicz
Rebecca Lillian
Rebecca Wenhold
Renee Frank
Richard Bialosky
Richard Slutzky
Roberta Boam
Robin Richman
Robin Rifkin
Robin Sacknoff
Robin Schreier
Rochelle Katz
Ronald Gray
Rosalind Joffe
Rosanne Ziering
Roseanne Levin
Ruth Gelfarb
Ruth Gelfarb
Ruth Rohn
Sabranna Malin
Sallee Silverman
Sally Brown-Winter
Sam Feinsmith
Samantha Zuckerberg
Sandy Katz
Sandy Lehr
Sara Gross
Sarah Benjamin
Sarah Lefkowitz
Sarah Rose
Sarah Weinberg
Sarah Wolk
Sarah Young
Saul Kaiserman
Savyon Sordean
Scott Lewis
Seth Goldstein
Shamu Sadeh
Shana Aisenberg
Shari Smith
Sharon Morgenbesser
Sharon Morgenbesser
Sharon Steinberg
Sheila Wolfson
Shelley Friedman
Shelley Z. Klappholz
Shelli Aderman
Sheryl Shapiro
Shuli Karkowsky
Skylar Bader
Sonia Cummings
Stephanie Jofe
Steven Rubenstein
Steven Sanderson
Sue Ellen Corning
Susan Abramowitz
Susan Auerbach
Susan Bergkamp
Susan Gartner
Susan Lieberman
Susan Richards
Susan Stone
Suzanne Sarbofsky
Tali Walters
Tamar Yanay
Tessa Fischer
Tiferet Berenbaum
Todd Brecher
Tom Hopson
Tom Kates
Tony Q.
TZiPi Radonsky
Valerie Edwards
Valerie Gerstein
Valerie Kolarik
Violet Neff-Helms
Virginia Liebowitz
Vivian Mayer
Walter Hollander
Wendy Belkin
Wendy Robins
Yael Lechtchiner
Zev Morgan