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The Cohens: Intentional Community Builders

by Daniel Spiro, Spiritual Fringe blog
Living your passion is not just beautiful, it is powerful as well. This story shows how much power you can gain of insisting on an accurate connection between core faith and the implementaion format of your belief.

The Individual and Society (R’ Chaim Navon, Yeshivat Har Etzion)

by Yael Levine
Where is the line between healthy expressions of individualism and communal unity? This piece discusses the question in depth.

Universalism and Particularism: The Dignity of Difference

by Andrea Steinberger
This piece articulate the significance of the individual and the place of celebrating diversity in Jewish tradition

Happiness and a Broken Heart

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
The human heart is an inspiring thing. Some insights from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov exploring what makes the human condition so unique.

Individual and Community

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
What is the difference between charity and welfare? And why is it so relevant in a community setting? A collection of sources will provide you with some food for thought.

Intentional Communities

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
Why is it so crucial for us to find meaning in what we are doing? And how can community become the anchor of meaningful existance?

Intentional Community

by Leah Josephson
A deeper dive into the origins of the intentional community movement

Realigning the Synagogue Playbook

by Eli Talk Rabbi Jeremy Fine
What is the ideal relationship between the Rabbi and his community? How does this role change in different types of settings?

Love Your Fellow

by Danny Gold
How is it that in communities build around social activism, the core value of loving your neighbour can be forgotton? This resource can help you get to the bottom of the problem
Design an event dedicated to this theme. Let the children offer an activity, where they can play their role in the community

7 Habits of Highly United Jews

by Eli Talk David Bratslavsky
Try to imagine what could be to achieved if your community was more united. This resource will provide you with seven tools to acheive this.
Ask your partners and yourself: In what way are we modeling unity? How is our internal dialog reflecting openness and unity?

Do I want a Connection or a Community?

by Scott Bolton
An exploration of the human desire for connection- what can quench the need for connection, and is community the only answer?

Egypt and Technology

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
In our hyper-technological society, the mere connection between humaniy and nature becoms a question. Jewish sources can inspire our exploration in that direction
Do a go around and share the most natural experience you evenr had, and the most artificial one. To what extent did each one inspire or energize you? What do miss and gain when connecting with nature? What do we miss and gain when moving away from it towards technological lives?

The Phil Donahue Show discussing homeschooling 1981

by John Holt
Another worthy piece from John Holt. It's confronts the real issues, and that's why we reccomend it.
Write your own manifest as an answer to this opinion.

The Purpose Of Schooling

by John Taylor Gatto
Do you realize how much power is in the hands of an educator? Impressive piece to digest and put into practice. It's a must watch for every educator.
Another brilliant reason to open a community talk about redefineing education, upon your vision.

Unschooling – An excerpt from the documentary Class Dismissed

by John Holt
Even if you think the school is good for children, having a critical eye and doubting the system, will only improve the level of education school can offer. Challenge yourself!