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Climate Crisis, Dystopia, and Community

by Chris Roth
There is so much power in our instinctive belief in the need for change. A community with such devotion is something to read about.

The Israeli Diaspora as a Catalyst for Jewish Peoplehood

by the Reut Institute
One of the biggest questions to be tackled: what is the significance of Israeli diaspora in Jewish peoplehood?
What is your experience in this context?

10 Years Later, Moishe House Remains More Committed Than Ever to the 20-Somethings Building Communities

by David Cygielman, eJP
This world famous project is so successful because of the spirit within. Horizontal leadership, dialogue and inclusivity bring Judaism to the next level. Youngsters take the lead.

The Power of Community

by Sara Munk
Communtiy can be a framework for human growth and spirituality, but it can also be a place where people feel opressed, controlled and marginalized by the collective. In Jewish tradition we have a plethora of resources exploring this tension, and guiding us in the right direction. This sourcesheet brings a collection of some of them
After studying the texts, chart a table with two columns: on one side write together what in the community increases your level of freedom, and on the other side write what does not. After you have mapped this, try to figure out as a group how you can better manage the balance between individual freedom (and loneliness) and collective commitment (and togetherness)

In Washington Heights, a Model of Orthodox Inclusivity Emerges

by Simone Somekh, The Forward
Sense of belonging is what turns a community meanningful. This live and kicking community does what many others should do. Read more.

Core Features of Being Jewish

by Micah Goodman
Do you agree with Goodman?

To Cultivate and to Preserve

by Aharon Ariel Lavi
A remarkable gem of wisdom about the infinite balance between nature and humanity.
Choose the piece you feel more aligned with and try to tell the story of your community with it. What is the vision of your community in this context?

Pluralism: Why It Just Doesn’t Do It For Me

by Yocheved Sidof
Pluralism means something different to everyone, based on their cultural normals and social background. This piece explores the implications of pluralism as the writer understands it.
How familiar are you with 'other' streams of Judaism? Test yourself

What is Hakhel?

by Ari Elias-Bachrach
Hakhel is a rare Mitzvah, performed only once every seven years after the Shmita year. This sourcesheet makes a brief intorduction to the origins and practice of Hakhel, and largest national gathering in ancient Israel.

Who are Your Guests?

by Eryn London
What is Sukkot all about? Go one step further into the anceint tradition and discover what it means to host guest in your home or community

God 101 – In Judaism, who or what is God?

by MJL
God, who are you? What has evolved in the Jewish way of observing and approachin God.
Do you dare bringing God in your communal work? What is the relation between belief, faith and community?

Long-Term Challenges for Jewish Communities

by Pof. Lars Dencik
?I? need a ?we? to become truly ?me?. What are the possible answers to nationalism, xenophobia and antisemitism? Be surprised of this sharp new concept.
What are your natural reactions once facing antisemitism?

The Jewish Denominations

by MJL
This article gives a clear view about the major streams of Judaism. Interesting to compare with what we think we know.

The Cohens: Intentional Community Builders

by Daniel Spiro, Spiritual Fringe blog
Living your passion is not just beautiful, it is powerful as well. This story shows how much power you can gain of insisting on an accurate connection between core faith and the implementaion format of your belief.

The Individual and Society (R’ Chaim Navon, Yeshivat Har Etzion)

by Yael Levine
Where is the line between healthy expressions of individualism and communal unity? This piece discusses the question in depth.