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Join the fourth Jewish Intentional Communities Conference by Rachel Aronson, Jewschool

by Rachel Aronson
The power of gathering is bigger than words. Joining the year conerence of intentional communities is not for nothing a real milestone for all participants.

Learning from Our Past

by Bill Metcalf
What do you think are the core components of intentional community? This is a sharp summary of insights that can give you a useful perspective.

Lesbian Only Intentional Community Outlast Others: The Ozark Land Holding Association

by Andy Shupe
Once you feel the mission is stronger than your plans, you might find yourself working on a life project which will be meaningful and inspiring for others. Take a look at this uncommon story.
This quote is the guideline of this unique community. Where does it meet your team, your community? All decisions center on a "triangle of interest," taking into account the effect on the individual, the community and the land. "We depend on each other."

Grassroots Activism Starts at Home

by Dan Hines
Where is your personal mission touching the communal mission? It's all about crystalizing it. This is a beautiful perspective to take with you.

Income-Sharing Community Expands Tofu Business

Living togeher, dreaming in collective terms, might sound like a fictional utopia, but it is a reality for many members of the kibbutz movement. Read more...
What dreams do you dare sharing with your fellows?

Five Tools to Help Groups Thrive

by Melanie Rios
How difficult it is to run a community is no a secret. Useful obsevation of the common challenges will spare some conflicts.

Four Steps to a Stronger Community by Aharon Ariel Lavi and Meredith Levick, eJewishPhilanthropy

by Meredith Levick and Aharon Ariel Lavi
If make it simple, history tells what made communities stand strong. Read the basic conclusions fron the leaders of Hakhel.

From Group to Community

by Dr. Sara Shadmi-Wortman
Once you want to reveal this magical process of community building, you need a clear language for it. Here is a useful way to get a grip on it.

Community and Responsibility

by Efrem Reis
Going back to this magical word ?responsibility?. What are the core beliefs behind it?

Community Leaders

This presentation can help you create a useful working plan and learn you how to communicate it, internally and externally.

Back to the City!

by GPaul Blundell
Urban life opens the chance for an inspiring change within the communiyu and in society in general.

Calls for More Cooperative Housing

by Michelle Bruch, Southwest Journal
Read how to make intentional communities rise up in the urban setting. This is a nice step!

Common Denominators of The Communities I Visited

by Michael Livni
Some of our most fundamental milestones appear in this article in such a fluent way, you will want to check it out and let it sink in. A wonderful insight, you will probably start identifying examples in the world around you after you recognise this phenomena.
What is the best way to describe the atmosphere of your shared time and space? Do your fellows feel the same?