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The Tesla of Eco-Villages by Dana Varinsky, Business Insider

by Dana Varinsky
Making this magnificent construction real, is indeed possible.

2018 Spotlight on Filmmakers Podcast

by Tawai director and subject Bruce Parry
"We train ourselves to reconnect" Bruce Parry.
How do you see the link between interconnectedness and reconnecting with the Planet? When do you feel you touch the core of your connection with yourself and with your enviroment?

Social Permaculture – What Is It?

by Starhawk
It's not just poetic, it's practical. Connection between nature's cycle and social constructions. This is true food for thought.

Social Permaculture: Applying the Principles

by brush
What does it take to apply nature's wisdom into community life? In few minutes you can step into a new experiment with your community.

Grassroots Activism Starts at Home

by Dan Hines
Where is your personal mission touching the communal mission? It's all about crystalizing it. This is a beautiful perspective to take with you.

Back to the City!

by GPaul Blundell
Urban life opens the chance for an inspiring change within the communiyu and in society in general.