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Hazon-Seal presentation JICC 2018

Sustainability as a core value demands rising awarness constantly. Here is a useful set for a community discussion. Method, Presentation and practical guideline for a fruitful process.

Kehilah Strategy – Creating a communal way

by Noa Asher Berkeley
Try this visual concept and see how to create clarity for realizing your vision effectivley

Communal Visioning

by No credit
How can you get the grip of communal values, word them and turn them into a maifest which will lead to practical steps? Here is a useful manual especially for that important purpose.

The Purpose Of Schooling

by John Taylor Gatto
Do you realize how much power is in the hands of an educator? Impressive piece to digest and put into practice. It's a must watch for every educator.
Another brilliant reason to open a community talk about redefineing education, upon your vision.

RSA ANIMATE: Changing Education Paradigms

by Sir Ken Robinson
Every educator know that one system will system not fit all children. It's the biggest challenge of the educator make the system fit the chlid, instead of pther way around. Listen to Sir Ken Robinson. Worth it!
Ask at your team: How innovative are we with children who have different needs?

Life Lessons for Community Longevity

by Graham Ellis
So many of the points here are familiar to us all! The wisdom of an expirienced leader can help others avoid some crucial mistakes. Take some time for reading it.
This must-read is not an easy one. Turn it into a public discussion: Divide chapters between members and ask them to read it in a community gathering and lead a talk around the text. Worth the effort!

Makom?s Bnei Akiva Community in Gvanim Beer Sheva

What do you feel when looking at this picture? How would you name this vibe?

Jewish cohousing: a vision of intentional neighborhood

by Roger Studley, Sh?ma
Get the glimps of the magical effect communty life, in a cohousing format, has on one's wellbeing.

Lesbian Only Intentional Community Outlast Others: The Ozark Land Holding Association

by Andy Shupe
Once you feel the mission is stronger than your plans, you might find yourself working on a life project which will be meaningful and inspiring for others. Take a look at this uncommon story.
This quote is the guideline of this unique community. Where does it meet your team, your community? All decisions center on a "triangle of interest," taking into account the effect on the individual, the community and the land. "We depend on each other."

Community Leaders

This presentation can help you create a useful working plan and learn you how to communicate it, internally and externally.

Common Denominators of The Communities I Visited

by Michael Livni
Some of our most fundamental milestones appear in this article in such a fluent way, you will want to check it out and let it sink in. A wonderful insight, you will probably start identifying examples in the world around you after you recognise this phenomena.
What is the best way to describe the atmosphere of your shared time and space? Do your fellows feel the same?

An Ecology of Mind, The Gregory Bateson Documentary

by Nora Bateson
Interesting perspective which touches all aspects of our creation.