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Outreach and Never Giving up on Someone

by Jamie Cohen
Inclusiveness and pluralism have become cornerstone vlues of our generation, and yet they are not easy to implememnt and accomplish. This collection of texts will take on a journey to explore the meaning of boundaries, "the other" and the inner circle.
While studying the texts, try to write down and share the main characteristics of your community. whatm akes it what it is? What is its identity? After defining what your community is, ask yourselves what is not? Where do we draw the line between "inside" and "outside", and how do we treat people respectfully on both sides of the line?

The Individual and the Community

by Jonathan Dickens
For many people, joining a community can require a change of mindset. This article gives insight into the process the indiviual goes through upon joining a community as well as the process a community goes through when new members join.

Makom?s Hashomer Hatzair Community in Beer Sheva

What do children want? They want to sense, to engage, to learn by doing. Here is an inventive idea.
Ask your team: How much are you afraid of messy stuff? How much do you allow it in your program?

A New Story of the People

by Charles Eisenstein
In many ways this talk will help you go deeper, dive into the heart and fish for some personal insights. Don't miss it.
What are the gaps between your heart and mind? What could you reach and create once closing this gap?

Pascale Bercovitch – An Inspiring Model

by Israeli TV 2
Someone to admire and learn from!
Who are your heroes? What role do they play in your daily life?

Communal Prayer – ????? ?????? Why I need you.

by Ben Gross
This resource looks at the power of communal togetherness form the perspective of the text of the Amida prayer.

I Don’t Trust Rabbis, So I Became One

by Elad Nehorai
Rabbis and religious leaders can be a surce for inspiration and thriving communities, but sometimes they can do the opposite, unfortuantely. In this self revealing text, one of Hakhel's communities leaders shares his personal exprience in this journey, and how he chose to actually become a Rabbi and serve as a positive role model

Learning and Doing With Our Committees

by Gloria Becker
This sourcesheet was constructed for a specific US community, but we find it, and its questions, highly relevant to almost any community within the Hakhel network. Come learn and see for yourself
Read through the texts together, and discuss the questions within it

Lo Titgodedu: Do Not Separate Yourself from the Community

by Eryn London
Being alone is defined as the first "not good" thing in the Torah, and leads to the creation of the first companionship. Along the same line, the commandment of "Lo Titgodedoo" means that we should not separate ourselves from one antoher even when we have deep disagreements.
After learning the sources ask yourself what do they mean to you as a community? Try to map out up to 3 major conflicts and/or disagreements you have within the community and ask yourselves what is more important: to be right or to be together?

Full House

by Henry Graber, Slate
Might sound familiar to you. What scares the authorities so much about cohousing?

Reclaiming ?Redneck? Urbanism: What urban planners can learn from trailer parks

by Nolan Gray, Market Urbanism
Rethinking reality can quickly turn dreams into reallity. Co-housing makes a tight-knit community, this we already know. This article offers an interesting way of making it possible.

Reinventing Organizations

by Frederic Laloux
"Something old is dieing and something new might be emerging" says Frederic Laloux. Soulless organzations are the enemy of all our dreams. Do we pay enough attention to what needs to move on, and what must emerge in our community and society?
Watch this together and open a public conversation around it. Remember the more personal it get's the better.

The Hot New Millenial Housing Trend is a Repeat of the Middle Ages by Ilana E. Strauss, The Atlantic

by Ilana E. Strauss
How would you like to see the relationship between alone-time and shared-time? This question has troubled all types of collectives for thousands of years. This is a rich perspective around the theme of communal living. Worth reading!

Twin Oaks: A Commune Where 100 Adults Raise 17 Kids

by Beth Greenfield
What is the dream of all parents? Check this concept and see what does it do to community life
Raise this issue for discussion: In what way can our community support the daily parenthood challenges? What do you feel is your main struggle as a parent? What could help you overcome this?

Social Permaculture – What Is It?

by Starhawk
It's not just poetic, it's practical. Connection between nature's cycle and social constructions. This is true food for thought.