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Radical wisdom for a company, a school, a life

by Ricardo Semler
In short, this is a great master. Get this inspiration and impliment it in ALL fields of your community.
Do you consider yourself as a brave educator? A creative leader? Ask your mates what is their definition for bravery. It's an essential question to be asked once in a while. Ask yourself what can bravery add to the new generation of our community? What would it do to our common future?

Love Your Fellow

by Danny Gold
How is it that in communities build around social activism, the core value of loving your neighbour can be forgotton? This resource can help you get to the bottom of the problem
Design an event dedicated to this theme. Let the children offer an activity, where they can play their role in the community

The Phil Donahue Show discussing homeschooling 1981

by John Holt
Another worthy piece from John Holt. It's confronts the real issues, and that's why we reccomend it.
Write your own manifest as an answer to this opinion.

The Purpose Of Schooling

by John Taylor Gatto
Do you realize how much power is in the hands of an educator? Impressive piece to digest and put into practice. It's a must watch for every educator.
Another brilliant reason to open a community talk about redefineing education, upon your vision.

Unschooling – An excerpt from the documentary Class Dismissed

by John Holt
Even if you think the school is good for children, having a critical eye and doubting the system, will only improve the level of education school can offer. Challenge yourself!

Who Counts? Race and the Jewish Future

by ELI Talk Ilana Kaufman
This powerful video discusses the place of activism in combatting racism
Do you recognize an internalized racist undertone in Jewish philosophy? Where do you see a potential change? What solutions can you propose for the issue described in this video?

The Problem With Our Educational System

by Alan Watts
Revolutionary words for thought. Be prepared killing all darlings...

Makom?s Pardes Center in Karmiel

Once we understand the price of comprimising on democracy, we see the need to fight for a new language for our children use to overcome conflicts.

Makom?s Pardes Community

Being a good citizen starts with raising awareness to core questions about yourself, about society.
What are the topics you dare bringing to your younger members? Are there any limits?

Makom?s Pardes Community Visits School in Akko

Get ready to be filled with hopel! Once you stimulate a dialog, even loaded topics can be brought to the surface.
What are the taboos within your community? How would you like to challenge yourself with this topic?

RSA ANIMATE: Changing Education Paradigms

by Sir Ken Robinson
Every educator know that one system will system not fit all children. It's the biggest challenge of the educator make the system fit the chlid, instead of pther way around. Listen to Sir Ken Robinson. Worth it!
Ask at your team: How innovative are we with children who have different needs?

Deschooling Ourselves

by Charles Eisenstein
"I am thinking about the new but still living in the old" said Charles Eisenstein. This statement is so relevant to each one of us. Change-makers are asked to deal with this gap time after time. This piece is a useful tool for such a process.

Makom?s Hashomer Hatzair Community in Beer Sheva

What do children want? They want to sense, to engage, to learn by doing. Here is an inventive idea.
Ask your team: How much are you afraid of messy stuff? How much do you allow it in your program?

Twin Oaks: A Commune Where 100 Adults Raise 17 Kids

by Beth Greenfield
What is the dream of all parents? Check this concept and see what does it do to community life
Raise this issue for discussion: In what way can our community support the daily parenthood challenges? What do you feel is your main struggle as a parent? What could help you overcome this?