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The Cohens: Intentional Community Builders

by Daniel Spiro, Spiritual Fringe blog
Living your passion is not just beautiful, it is powerful as well. This story shows how much power you can gain of insisting on an accurate connection between core faith and the implementaion format of your belief.

Deschooling Ourselves

by Charles Eisenstein
"I am thinking about the new but still living in the old" said Charles Eisenstein. This statement is so relevant to each one of us. Change-makers are asked to deal with this gap time after time. This piece is a useful tool for such a process.

A New Story of the People

by Charles Eisenstein
In many ways this talk will help you go deeper, dive into the heart and fish for some personal insights. Don't miss it.
What are the gaps between your heart and mind? What could you reach and create once closing this gap?

Pascale Bercovitch – An Inspiring Model

by Israeli TV 2
Someone to admire and learn from!
Who are your heroes? What role do they play in your daily life?

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

by Charles Eisenstein
Charles Eisenstein tells the story of our enviromental crisis from a spiritual perspective. It's about the terms he uses, the language we choose to redefine our mission. Let this piece touch you.
Once you are busy with motivating people to protect enviroment, you need a strong bond with your own motives. What is your own drive when it comes to sustainability?