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In Washington Heights, a Model of Orthodox Inclusivity Emerges

by Simone Somekh, The Forward
Sense of belonging is what turns a community meanningful. This live and kicking community does what many others should do. Read more.

Pluralism: Why It Just Doesn’t Do It For Me

by Yocheved Sidof
Pluralism means something different to everyone, based on their cultural normals and social background. This piece explores the implications of pluralism as the writer understands it.
How familiar are you with 'other' streams of Judaism? Test yourself

Universalism and Particularism: The Dignity of Difference

by Andrea Steinberger
This piece articulate the significance of the individual and the place of celebrating diversity in Jewish tradition

Who Counts? Race and the Jewish Future

by ELI Talk Ilana Kaufman
This powerful video discusses the place of activism in combatting racism
Do you recognize an internalized racist undertone in Jewish philosophy? Where do you see a potential change? What solutions can you propose for the issue described in this video?

Makom?s Pardes Center in Karmiel

Once we understand the price of comprimising on democracy, we see the need to fight for a new language for our children use to overcome conflicts.