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Why We Do What We Do

Dear All, People used to send fundraising emails before the end of the year. But everyone did that, so they moved to early December, and then from there to late November. This year, as you know, it’s both Chanukah and Thanksgiving in five minutes time. So we’re sending our year-end appeal now – with the autumn leaves still on the trees – to ask you to become a stakeholder in Hazon. Ideally – for us, but I hope also for you – we’d like to ask you to give a monthly gift, as a growing number of people are doing. For the price, each month, of three cappuccinos, two bars of dark chocolate, and maybe a banana, you can feel that in a purposive and persistent way you are helping to create a healthier, more sustainable and more vibrant Jewish community; and helping the Jewish community, as a community, to create a more sustainable world for all. This is not minor. Hazon is doing important work, and we certainly need your support; and/but we also want you, for yourself, genuinely to feel that by becoming a stakeholder you’re making a difference in the very many areas in which we’re doing […]

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A note from Hazon Board Member Rabbi Marc Soloway about fighting for a fair food movement

Dear All, I just got back late last night from Immokalee, Florida where I was on a 3-day mission with Truah (The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights). We were working with the C.I.W. (Coalition of Immokalee Workers) with migrant farm workers and activists who have been fighting for a fair food movement. It was very inspiring to witness the changes that have happened down there through  passionate and creative community organizing, and also distressing and humbling to hear about appalling work conditions that continue among the people who pick our food. Here is the official Tomato Rabbis video to learn more. As one of the newest crop of Tomato Rabbis, I have committed to be an ally with C.I.W. and intend to write and talk about the experience and bring greater awareness of the issue and join the national campaigns against Wendy’s and some of the big supermarket chains, pressuring them to sign the Fair Food Agreement, enabling the farm workers to earn an extra penny per pound on the tomatoes they pick in their 10-hour work day. This agreement has already been signed by Taco Bell, Subway, McDonalds, Burger King, Chipotle and others and is supported by some of the largest growers, but there is more […]

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Interfaith Food Sustainability Coalition hosts gathering with Congressman Jared Polis

On a recent, beautiful Sunday afternoon, an interfaith gathering of gardeners and Community Supported Agriculture volunteers gathered to meet one another and share the successes and challenges they face. Congressman Jared Polis was on hand to hear the stories from members of Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist and Unitarian congregations, as well as graduate students studying faith communities and food sustainability.     Hazon is a founding member of the Interfaith Coalition for Food Sustainability, which hosted the event. Read more about the gathering in the Boulder Daily Camera. The Interfaith Coalition for Food Sustainability enjoys a delicious potluck with ingredients from congregation gardens.

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Vote for Hazon in Citgo’s Fueling Good Summer Charity Contest

Citgo wants to know “How far can a gallon of gas go?” We’re hoping to take it across the United States in support of our cyclists. Every Hazon ride provides extensive support to its cyclists. This means transporting people and gear in cars and trucks. The cost of fuel is rising and that raises the costs of running a Hazon ride. With your help we can provide grant recipients with the funds they deserve. (more…)

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Right2Know March – A Mobilization for GMO Labeling

When: October 1 – 16, 2011 Why: We have the right to know what’s in our food, and to choose safe, healthy and sustainable non-GMO food and products. This right is not being respected, so it’s time to… – Mobilize concerned citizens and organizations to speak with one loud voice – Raise awareness about the risks of GMO seeds and crop production – Ask the government to label food and products made from GMO crops These recent actions have created momentum to rally for the right to know about GMOs: – The decisions by the USDA to approve genetically modified Round-Up Ready Alfalfa seeds to be grown without restrictions – The court decision to hold Bayer responsible for the LibertyLink contamination of rice – The pre-emptive action by organic farmers and seed sellers to sue Monsanto for protection from patents on genetically modified seed – The participation of hundreds of organic and natural companies in the Non-GMO Project’s initiative to give consumers an informed choice and protect a non-GMO food supply – Grassroots organizing of the March 26th Right to Know Rallies and the response of 68,478 letters to Congress asking for GMO Labeling (more…)

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