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“I’m grateful to see the amazing world Hashem created!”

Last week, as our time with The Shefa School in Manhattan came to a close, we had the chance to collect highlights and share gratitude with the students and teachers. Some of the highlights included the campfire, the camp-wide game called Predator vs. Prey, the view from the famous Isabella Freedman Overlook, singing and dancing after meals, and exploring the forests; including finding salamanders and other living things in the ponds and streams near the trails. Thanks for coming, Shefa! See you next year 🙂 With the Teva season in full swing, we welcomed 18 more students this week from the Luria Academy of Brooklyn. Up on the overlook this week, the students shared gratitudes, and Hannah said: “I’m grateful for the opportunity to see this – to see the amazing world Hashem created.” On Tuesday evening, the students participated in Teva’s Resource Revolution Rally, where Gabby Garbage and Rethink danced and sang on stage, and taught about resources and the ways humans misuse and overuse them, and how we can rethink and do a better job of taking care of our world. The students loved singing this week, and the classic Teva song called ‘Psolet’ (waste) is sure to […]

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Spring Teva is Here!

  “I used to think nature was something I was outside of, but now I know it is something I am a part of!” – Sarah, 4th grade       Teva educators and staff members eagerly awaited the first school of the Spring Teva season yesterday morning, looking out over the lake at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center in Connecticut, remarking on the budding trees and plants, the simultaneous stillness and steady movement of spring awakening before us. We shared gratitude for the land and prepared for the school bus to arrive. Shefa from Manhattan arrived early afternoon, with 31 kids excitedly exiting the bus to song. They were oriented and had time to move into their cabins before coming back for lunch. After lunch and a Teva Band introduction, they watched the Teva staff perform Bereishit (in the beginning), which tells the creation story and introduces the idea of humans and nature as being interconnected and demonstrates the need for us to have awareness and to take responsibility for our actions in order to create a healthier, more sustainable world. After the play, the kids were sent in their kvutzot (groups) with their educators into the forest, to […]

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One Water, All Lives: Teva Over Greenland

By Mike Tintner 2018 Teva Educator On the plane flying from Moscow to New York City, returning from Israel, I had the chance to bless. After standing up for the first time in hours on the long flight I stumbled to the window, where I saw a spectacular sight. For as far as my eyes could see was white. Below me were the glaciers of Greenland I have seen so many times on the news and in documentaries. I met someone wearing a black kippah journeying from Israel to New York for his sister’s wedding. We talked about the blessing of beauty, Maaseh Breshit, and proceeded to say the full Hebrew blessing. I told the Orthodox appearing man about my work teaching the connection between Judaism and nature to kids at Teva. As I said these words I wondered what he must think. First: There is such a program? Second: What qualifies you to teach this? The truth is I was the one judging myself. I usually am proud of my work and sometimes I struggle to explain it. In my 107 seasons on Earth, I have witnessed a lot. I have been part of the movement of water protectors […]

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