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When Israel Isn’t a Black and White Story

Marcy Perlman Tardio rode on the 2014 Arava Institute & Hazon Israel Ride. She is a mother, grandmother, and homebirth midwife living in Brooklyn. This piece was originally published online at Haaretz.com on December 1st, 2014. Many within my multi-cultural circle of family and friends refused to support my participation in a charity bike ride in Israel, an ‘oppressor’ and ‘colonialist’ state. The year following my kidney transplant, over a decade ago, I rode in the Hazon charity bike ride in New York. I rode then to honor my older son, who had gifted me the kidney, and to celebrate my new-found health. Through the organizers I learned of a counterpart ride that took place in Israel; several weeks ago, I returned from the Hazon-Arava bike ride, where I completed 230 miles from Jerusalem to Eilat. Despite the challenges of the heat and the terrain, my most unexpected difficulty had emerged before I even sat in the saddle: Persuading my peers to donate to a charity effort that would take place in Israel. At the time of my first ride I had joined a synagogue. My younger son already attended Jewish day school. I, the daughter of culturally Jewish, left wing, secular […]

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Bike Challenge

We did it!! This past May, my partner made a suggestion, “Let’s try to put more miles on our bikes than we do our cars between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year.” To some, this may seem like an impossible task, but when we bought our home a few years ago, we chose a place with a bike path in the back yard. I am an environmental educator, and our family values reflect a constant consideration of how our actions affect the other species around us. Back to the challenge… As I considered the reality of this situation, I made a pros and cons list to see if this could actually work. First, we both work from home, so our daily commute consists of walking upstairs to our office. If I have meetings, they are generally within a 5-6 mile radius from my home. Both pros for making this a reality. I love my bike, my partner got it for me as a birthday/Chanukkah present a few years ago. It also helps that my partner rides 3x a week with a local cycling club, and they average about 40 miles per outing. This was also a great year to […]

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Hazon Cross-USA Ride BBQ Dinner in Columbus: August 6th

Come join the Hazon Cross-USA riders for a free BBQ dinner at Agudas Achim! The Hazon Cross-USA riders will cycle from Springfield, OH to Columbus on August 6th. After settling in and showering (a must!), the riders will enjoy a wonderful BBQ dinner at 6:30 pm, sponsored by our ethically-produced kosher meat sponsor, Grow and Behold. And we hope you’ll join them! Please RSVP so we know how much food to make! You can also join us on the road! Ride with Hazon into Columbus, from Columbus to Coshocton, or any other part of the Ride until it ends in D.C. on August 15th. We encourage anyone riding for one day to donate $50 to Hazon to help support the educational work Hazon does in order to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community. A very special thank you to Agudas Achim for hosting our riders and helping to sponsor dinner. Our riders very much appreciate warm hospitality as they live a nomadic lifestyle for the summer.

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מסע האופניים של מכון הערבה וחזון

מסע האופניים של מכון הערבה וחזון הוא הזדמנות מעולה עבורך לחוות את היופי של ישראל ממושב האופניים שלך. יוצאים להרפתקה עם קהילה ייחודית ומגובשת המגייסת כספים לשני ארגונים מלאי השראה: מכון הערבה וחזון. הצטרפו אלינו לחלק מהמסע או למסע מלא של שבוע מירושלים עד אילת, באחד משני המסלולים המוצעים כאן השתתפות ברכיבה “הכל כלול”: לינה, שלוש ארוחות ביום, שתיה וכיבוד בהפסקות בדרך, ליווי מקצועי, טכנאים, ליווי רפואי צמוד, ועוד     מירושלים למשאבי שדה רכיבת כביש במשך יומיים מדהימים, מירושלים לאשקלון, ולאחר מכן לנגב הצפוני. אפשרות זו כוללת יום הכנה חוויתי בבית מלון בירושלים הכולל סיור בעיר העתיקה, רכיבת הכנה ברחבי ירושלים, פיקניק ותדרוך מקיף, וכן הסעות חזרה מצפון הנגב לירושלים בסיום הרכיבה 29-31 אוקטובר $עלות הרשמה: 275 גיוס כספים: 1200 $ לישראלים או מי שגר בישראל, 1800 $ לתיירים מסע מלא: מירושלים לאילת לחוות את הרכיבה המלאה עם מעל 100 רוכבי אופניים. רכיבה מירושלים עד אילת כדי לחוות את הארץ כפי שמעולם לא ראית, ממושב של האופניים שלך. המסע המלא כולל יום הכנה בירושלים, שבת קהילתית נעימה ומשמעותית במצפה רמון, ותחבורה חזרה עם תום המסע לתל האביב- בטיסה- או לירושלים- באוטובוס 29 אוקטובר – 5 נובמבר $525 :הרשמה גיוס כספים: 2500 $ לישראלים או מי שגר בישראל, 3600 $ לתיירים […]

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Golden Gate Ride: Important Information for Riders and Crew

We couldn’t be more excited to come together as a community next week for the 4th Annual Hazon Golden Gate Ride: Pedaling for a Healthy Planet. Please take a couple of minutes to read through this email containing many pertinent details. Feel free to contact Adam Kotin or Deborah Newbrun with any last minute questions about transportation, housing, packing, arrival – we’re here to support you. adam.kotin@hazon.org | deborah.newbrun@hazon.org  (415) 397-7020 (Office) | (415) 823-1302 (Cell) Emergency contact phone number for the retreat site where we will be staying during the ride: Walker Creek Ranch: (415) 491-6000 [line] Getting Your Bike to Camp We will help transport your bike to the ride from the Bay Area and from Los Angeles at no additional cost. We’ll offer bike loading at the following times and locations. Look for Hazon volunteers and a 14-foot Uhaul truck. Thursday San Francisco: 6:30pm – 7:30pm, near 16th Street Mission BART (Walgreens parking lot on Capp St, near 16th). East Bay: 8:30pm – 9:30pm, Ashby BART. Friday San Francisco: Starting at 1:45pm at Jewish Community High School (1835 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA). Bike loading will begin at 1:45pm. The charter bus will depart promptly at 2:40pm. Los […]

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2011 Hazon California Ride

Prepare for an Extraordinary Weekend!

A Note from Volunteer Ride Co-Chairs Erica & Adam   Dear Hazon Community, Ten days from now we will gather in the rolling hills of Marin to share our values of environmentalism, health, and sustainability in the Jewish world and beyond. We hope to be catalysts for positive change through the vitality generated from our cycling adventures, crew spirit, and engaging Shabbat programming. Gear up, bring your ruach(spirit), positivity, and openness — prepare to leave with a spark! If we have not yet had the chance to meet, please make sure to come say hello to us – Adam and Erica – your friendly volunteer co-chairs for the 2013 Golden Gate Ride. Adam will be riding his spiffy new Trek bicycle and Erica will be supporting riders as an enthusiastic crew member. We both look forward to meeting friends new and old, spending time outside, soaking in the Shabbat sessions, and learning lots from the whole experience. As the weekend approaches, please reach out to us if you have any questions – we’re here to help and support! We really don’t mind helping, in fact, that’s what we signed up for! Our emails are below. As the ride draws near, we […]

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Nigel on Israel Ride 2007

Israel Ride in NYC: With Nigel Savage and David Weisberg

Discover how the Israel Ride can be your next adventure Wednesday, May 8th, 7:30 pm Hosted by Nigel and Liz Savage The Israel Ride: For Yourself. For Israel. For Peace. Meet and hear from: Nigel Savage, Hazon and Israel Ride Founder David Weisberg, CEO of Hazon David Rendsburg, Ride alum and 8-time staff member of the Ride Annie Jacobs, former Program Assistant at the Arava Institute (and current Dairy Apprentice at Isabella Freedman) Arava and Israel Ride alumni They will speak about cycling through Israel, the Middle East’s environmental challenges, and the potential for regional cooperation at the Arava Institute. The Arava Institute Hazon Israel Ride is a weeklong cycling adventure from Jerusalem to Eilat, including 5 fully-supported riding days and a Shabbat rest day. Bring your friends with you  |  All are welcome at this event!  

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