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Bike Challenge

We did it!! This past May, my partner made a suggestion, “Let’s try to put more miles on our bikes than we do our cars between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year.” To some, this may seem like an impossible task, but when we bought our home a few years ago, we chose a place with a bike path in the back yard. I am an environmental educator, and our family values reflect a constant consideration of how our actions affect the other species around us. Back to the challenge… As I considered the reality of this situation, I made a pros and cons list to see if this could actually work. First, we both work from home, so our daily commute consists of walking upstairs to our office. If I have meetings, they are generally within a 5-6 mile radius from my home. Both pros for making this a reality. I love my bike, my partner got it for me as a birthday/Chanukkah present a few years ago. It also helps that my partner rides 3x a week with a local cycling club, and they average about 40 miles per outing. This was also a great year to […]

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There is a particular majesty in cresting a hill and taking in the landscape: the great expanse of the Negev Desert or the sparkle of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), the Jordan River or the heights of the Golan. There is a sense of awe when your legs work in concert with all the other parts to keep you balanced physically and mentally with the proper levels of salt and water to propel you up and brace you on the way down. There is a mind-clearing meditation that riding 60 miles a day brings to your brain. And there is a sense of great gratitude that comes with setting a lofty goal and working four months to achieve it.

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Now, About Those Hills. (Hills, and more tips from an experienced Israel Rider.)

We will be doing a lot of hill climbing (sorry, it is just the nature of the geography here). Sometimes it seems like you climb all the way to Eilat, but that is not the case. There are some absolutely spectacular downhill runs that make up for all the intermediate climbs. Riding into the Maktesh on Sunday is a real treat (an 1100 foot decent) and another 1100 decent at the end of the day into Ketura…. Definitely highlights that you will remember for a very long time.

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Why I Ride Crew

By Maddy Hoffman Yossi (pictured) and I got married last summer, so training for the Ride didn’t make it to our pre-wedding to-do list. But we each had family and friends participating as riders, so we didn’t want to miss out on the experience. At the last minute we signed up as crew, not really sure what it would be like. We knew and appreciated the crew members who staffed our rest stops when we rode together the year before. They made us sandwiches, pointed us to the bathroom, and told us which snacks were the good ones. They cheered for us and encouraged us and reminded us that we were riding for an important cause with their full support. But what no one really tells you is that the crew members are actually having a lot of fun doing all of those things and even more that riders don’t get to see. There are cowbells to ring and whistles to blow, big vans to drive and spray paint to mark the turns, and there are maps, walkie-talkies, reflective vests, and team colors for each crew team. The Hazon staff made sure we had all the information and support we […]

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Hazon Cross-USA Ride BBQ Dinner in Columbus: August 6th

Come join the Hazon Cross-USA riders for a free BBQ dinner at Agudas Achim! The Hazon Cross-USA riders will cycle from Springfield, OH to Columbus on August 6th. After settling in and showering (a must!), the riders will enjoy a wonderful BBQ dinner at 6:30 pm, sponsored by our ethically-produced kosher meat sponsor, Grow and Behold. And we hope you’ll join them! Please RSVP so we know how much food to make! You can also join us on the road! Ride with Hazon into Columbus, from Columbus to Coshocton, or any other part of the Ride until it ends in D.C. on August 15th. We encourage anyone riding for one day to donate $50 to Hazon to help support the educational work Hazon does in order to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community. A very special thank you to Agudas Achim for hosting our riders and helping to sponsor dinner. Our riders very much appreciate warm hospitality as they live a nomadic lifestyle for the summer.

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[New York Ride] First Participant Email

As the New York Ride is just 5 weeks away, we are gearing up for a fantastic weekend. You should have recieved your Ride Guide in the mail last week. Make sure to check out the updated route maps on our website, and take a look at all of the shiny fundraising incentives we have available, including our awesome jersey! We’ve also just updated the transportation information page with lots of info on how you and your bike will make your way to the ride, and a packing list! Some housekeeping: Please make sure to fill out your logistics forms by August 10th to help us with planning for the ride. Read on for more on this and other news. All the best, Daniel Infeld, Senior Program Associate David Rendsburg, Director of Bike Rides Please Fill Out Your Logistics Form by August 10th Please take a few moment to fill out our New York Ride Logistics Form. This form will help us with planning for the ride, including housing options, travel plans, programming, dietary needs and more. If you are renting a bike, or want to upgrade your housing, you can use this form to pay for these items. Please […]

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