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Bike Challenge

We did it!! This past May, my partner made a suggestion, “Let’s try to put more miles on our bikes than we do our cars between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year.” To some, this may seem like an impossible task, but when we bought our home a few years ago, we chose a place with a bike path in the back yard. I am an environmental educator, and our family values reflect a constant consideration of how our actions affect the other species around us. Back to the challenge… As I considered the reality of this situation, I made a pros and cons list to see if this could actually work. First, we both work from home, so our daily commute consists of walking upstairs to our office. If I have meetings, they are generally within a 5-6 mile radius from my home. Both pros for making this a reality. I love my bike, my partner got it for me as a birthday/Chanukkah present a few years ago. It also helps that my partner rides 3x a week with a local cycling club, and they average about 40 miles per outing. This was also a great year to […]

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Riding by the JCC Manhattan

July 17th Training Ride [NYC Cycling]

THIS WEEK: Ride with Hazon this Sunday, July 17th. Starting at the JCC Manhattan – 50 miles to Nyack or 40 Miles to Piermont Hazon rides are open to everyone but you should be able to maintain a minimum speed to stay with the group. We suggest leaving your lock, backpack and any other unnecessary weight at home. Please make sure your bike is in working condition before you leave. If you cannot keep up with the group or if your bike does not work, the Ride Leader may “release” you from our ride. Start Location and Departure Time 8:45 am at JCC Manhattan on Amsterdam Ave. by 76th St. [blue_message]Be sure to RSVP for the ride online (We will contact people who RSVP if we cancel due to rain. The current forecast is lovely, but you never know.)[/blue_message] (more…)

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