Reflections from Siach: Conversations on the Kinneret

Last weekend, 120 social and environmental justice leaders from Jewish communities around the world came together to build connections, cooperation, and conversation at Siach: An Environment and Social Justice Conversation. Held at Ohalo Manor on the Kinneret in Northern Israel, participants were able to build relationships and discuss issues that bind our work together across borders.

Following the conference one of the Israeli participants said:

“Siach is an excellent opportunity to hear, to listen, to meet, to think, to learn, and to change…  I’m very grateful for the many opportunities that Siach gave me: to learn from and about organizations that are making real, significant change; to meet people who hold a completely opposite worldview and yet are so similar in their commitment to make a difference in the world; to think critically and reflectively about our everyday work; to hear about so many challenges, differences of opinions and disagreements, and all the while to continue to think positively about our work because of the belief that there is so much more to do that can be done together.”
(translated from Hebrew)

Learn more about Siach.

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