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A Remarkable Four Days

by Nigel Savage Thursday, May 3, 2018 | Lag B’Omer 5778 | hod she’b’hod Jerusalem Dear All, How would it be if we only ate food that made us feel bad, day after day? And then only very occasionally ate food that was actually good for us? I was thinking about this yesterday, after a fourth day of fascination, perspiration, and inspiration, here on the Hazon Romemu Sustainable Israel Tour. This builds on a range of Sustainable Israel Tours that Hazon has done in the past, and adds into the mix Rabbi David Ingber and Netanel Goldberg, not to mention great participants from Romemu in New York and IJKL in Florida. Yesterday we were at Roots/Judur/Shorashim, just outside of the Gush Etzion roundabout, listening to Shaul Judelman and Noor A’wad. It was my fourth visit there. It is hard to convey the extent to which Shaul and Noor each told stories which involved recounting the (separate) tragic deaths of any number of Israeli Jews and Palestinians whom they each personally knew; and yet with an overall message that was powerful and inspirational. Their words engendered hope in a profound way. Shaul is Jewish, observant, orthodox, originally American, a Zionist, a “settler.” Noor is Muslim, Palestinian, a Palestinian […]

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This year in Jerusalem…

From Nigel Savage   April 6th, 2017 | 10th Nissan 5777 This year in Jerusalem… Dear All, The last year in which I didn’t set foot in Israel was 1984. My visits have encompassed the days of the asimonim, the devolution of the currency, and the tech boom of the last ten years; also being attacked in the first intifada, suicide bombs in Jerusalem, and the period after Rabin’s assassination. In relation to Israel, since 2003 Hazon has produced 16 Israel Rides, five Siach Conferences, a hike, two intentional communities trips, and three Sustainable Israel tours. That’s the backdrop to my trip last month, which was one of the more interesting I’ve made. I was there for a Hazon Sustainable Israel Tour followed by a four-day Encounter trip. Each involved meeting activists and leaders, learning, asking questions. These are some of my impressions. First: Israel is thriving, struggling, inspiring, complex. People live in such geographical closeness to each other, yet there is such radical cultural separateness – different religion, language, clothes, food, politics. While we were there we got a sense of what it is like to eat if you are blind (at Na La’Ga’at); we learned about the remarkable […]

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Israel Sustainable Food Tour – Tentative Itinerary

[blue_message] We are pleased to present a draft of the itinerary for the Israel Sustainable Food Tour, a partnership of Hazon and the Heschel Sustainability Center. For more information about the tour visit Please note that all stops on this draft itinerary are tentative. A final itinerary will be published leading up to the tour in May. [/blue_message] Heschel – Hazon 3rd Israel Sustainable Food Tour May 22-27, 2013 י”ג – י”ח סיון, תשע”ג Time Activity Location Wednesday, May 22 10:30 AM Bus Pick Up in Jerusalem 11:30 AM Bus Pick Up at Airport 12:00 PM Lunch at an Organic CSA Gan Hasadeh in Kfar Ruth 2:00 PM Hit the ground picking produce at Kvutzat Schiller, and hear about issues of nutritional insecurity under the auspices the of Leket – Table to Table Kvutzat Schiller 7:00 PM Opening Dinner: Eucalyptus Restaurant, chef Moshe Basson Jerusalem Overnight: Little House in Rehavia Jerusalem Thursday, May 23 8:00 AM To market: Insider’s tour and taste of Machaneh Yehuda, the storied open air shuk in Jerusalem. Jerusalem 10:00 AM Meet with Yossi Wolfson of the Zangvill Center, and discuss vegetaranism and animal rights Jerusalem 1:00 PM Jewish Permaculture: new/old wisdom with Talya Shneider, Israel’s permaculture […]

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Talking turkey

New York November 17th / 20th Cheshvan Dear All, This is the period of giving thanks. Thank you: to all the people who commented on (and re-circulated) the piece I wrote last week on Federations. There are various comments on our website, and also on Facebook and elsewhere. We welcome your further feedback. Thank you: to the 17 participants in our second Israel Sustainable Food Tour, and to our partners on that tour at The Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership. We’re really psyched to be playing a role not only in developing more sustainable food systems in the US, but also in directly and indirectly both learning from and supporting some of the amazing work that’s starting to happen in Israel. You can see photos here. (And if you’re looking for an interesting Thanksgiving or Chanukah gift for someone – check out Negev Nectars.) (more…)

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See, Touch, Smell, and Taste Sustainable Food in Israel

by Dr. Jeremy Benstein, The Heschel Center, Tel Aviv This coming fall, November 2-7, 2011, the Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership, together with Hazon, will be hosting the second Israel Sustainable Food Tour. This exciting program is a unique way for North American Jews who are passionate about sustainable food to be exposed to the rapidly developing field of sustainable food in Israel. It is also an important opportunity for Israeli activists to meet likeminded counterparts and hear about their experiences, successes, challenges, insights and inspiration. Since Heschel’s original National Sustainable Food Conference a little over a year ago, which attracted 600 people with 40 roundtables and working groups, we have been working to create a coalition of people and organizations who are interested in promoting sustainable food in its myriad guises and contexts. We have been meeting with farmers, academics, government officials, health and nutrition experts, consumer policy groups, educators, nutritional security advocates and more to create the connections necessary to promote a shared agenda backed by leading stakeholders from all sectors. (more…)

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