Grantee Spotlight: Adamah, The Jewish Environmental Fellowship

Proceeds of this year’s New York Ride will provide grants to several organizations and projects that are in line with Hazon’s mission.  Among the major grant recipients is Adamah, which is a program of the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, located in Northern Connecticut.

Adamah connects people to their roots, to the land, to community, to Judaism, and to themselves by providing educational programs and products in order to build a more sustainable world.

Adamah is a leadership training program for Jewish young adults that teaches the vital connection between Judaism and environmental stewardship. Through a six-month residential program, Adamah Fellows live communally and engage in a hands-on curriculum that integrates organic agriculture and sustainable living skills, Jewish learning and living, leadership development, and community building. The program strengthens participants’ Jewish identity and commitment to tikkun olam through immersion in an ecologically sustainable, spiritually vibrant, and intergenerationally-connected Jewish community, while exposing countless others to a traditionally rooted yet entirely new way of Jewish living.  The products of the farm – vegetables, pickles, cheeses, jams, and yogurts, to name a few, are sold at the farm, locally, and through CSAs.

Programs at Adamah integrate physical, social, spiritual, Jewish and ecological realms in order to inspire participants to a life of service – to the Jewish community and to the earth. They emphasize hands-on experience and peer leadership to empower participants with skills and confidence to make a difference, and offer positive ways to connect to the core Jewish principles of awe and gratitude, which inspire participants well after they leave.

Adamah is unique in its natural setting, its experience of intentional community, its ecological vision and holistic approach, its integration of hands-on activities and text study, and its teaching of Jewish values through sustainable agriculture. Adamah is also the largest, most established Jewish educational farm in North America.

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