Hazon Farm Bill Campaign

Join Hazon in Advocating for a Just and Climate Resilient 2023 Farm Bill!

The once-every-five-years Farm Bill authorization process is coming up in 2023! This presents an historic opportunity to lower the nearly one third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions spewed by the food system; to reshape food production and distribution toward justice and equity; and to lean into Jewish food and farming wisdom that paints a vision of food sovereignty for all.

Farm Bill Advocacy Timeline:

🥕 Summer of 2022 is a great time to encourage our representatives to support The Agriculture Resilience Act, a roadmap for reducing emissions from agriculture to net-zero by 2040. This bill lays the groundwork for a robust Farm Bill process moving forward. Check out our July 2022 advocacy alert here. 

🥕 November of 2022 is election season and there is a lot on the line. The makeup of members of the House and Senate will foretell what kind of climate action we get in the 2023 Farm Bill, among a great deal else, so make sure you arrange your plan to vote ahead of November 8th.

🥕 Spring of 2023 we will likely have drafts of the Farm Bill coming out of the House and Senate agriculture committees by spring. Sign up for our advocacy alert email list and keep an eye out for opportunities to weigh in with your legislators.

🥕 Fall of 2023 we hope to see passage of a robust bill full of climate solutions and justice initiatives by the time the 2018 bill expires on September 20th 2023. 


Stay tuned to join us for one of our Farm Bill 101 Events, where you can learn more about the Farm Bill as a vehicle for creating a more just and climate resilient food system!

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