Significant News in Relation to the 2019 New York Ride

Hazon as a whole is in the middle of a strategic planning process. We began it in the late summer of last year and intend to land it by late spring. It relates to all of our programs. The goal is to narrow our focus, increase our impact, and strengthen our business model. As I write it’s too soon to know exactly how the process will close, but there is a general sense amongst key stakeholders that we are making good progress.

In recent years we’ve been absolutely thrilled at the human impact of the New York Ride, which has continued to be a joyous and impactful event. For those who were there in ’17, for instance, I still recall the extraordinary way that people rose to the challenge of extreme and unexpected weather. It literally brought out the best in everyone.

But even as the human impact of the Ride has continued to be strong, we’ve struggled somewhat in recruitment and fundraising.

Given this, we have decided not to produce the New York Ride this year. Instead we’ll go into a planning process for the Ride itself, and to some extent for “the Rides” overall. What are our overarching goals? How do we increase net revenues to Hazon? How does the Ride fit with other parts of our programming?

The New York Ride has been incredibly central to Hazon and to our growth. It has had a huge direct impact on participants and it has helped to raise very significant amounts of money for Hazon and for a range of partner organizations. So we don’t lightly choose not to produce it this year. And yet, at the same time, we’re committed very deeply to the overall impact of Hazon. We’re the Jewish lab for sustainability, and our work has never been more vital and necessary than it is today. So I’m determined, as are all of our staff and board, that we evolve, strengthen, and focus. And so I hope that we will all of us, together, figure out whether or how to strengthen or evolve the NY Ride, and/or our Rides overall, in order to best meet the needs and the opportunities of the coming years.

Miriam will be reaching out in due course to coordinate this planning process. If you have suggestions or questions, please be in touch with her at and/or email me directly at

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