FUNdraising Tip #4: Show the Impact

Feel free to copy and paste some of the language below on social media and in your fundraising emails.


Hazon Seal of Sustainability:
Option 1:
Through the Hazon Seal of Sustainability, Hazon works with Jewish communities and institutions across the US to help them embrace sustainability efforts that reduce waste, improve energy efficiency, increase renewable energy, and improve health. Many of these initiatives can help save thousands of energy dollars per year, and most importantly, can help significantly reduce the collective carbon footprint of the Jewish community.

Option 2:
Through the Hazon Seal of Sustainability, Hazon is helping to green over 60 Jewish institutions across the US, including synagogues, schools, camps, and JCCs. Many have started or significantly expanded composting programs and other efforts to raise awareness around food waste, diverting hundreds of thousands of pounds from the landfill each year. Several have installed energy efficiency upgrades that are already saving thousands of dollars per institution per year, including most recently Isabella Freedman! Most significantly, thousands of people who visit these institutions are learning about their greening efforts, and Hazon’s educational resources are permeating into communities around the country.

Adamah is a residential farming fellowship providing a crucial bridge for Jewish millennials searching for meaning and connection. Since 2003, Adamah has been changing the nature of Jewish communities in North America and Israel. Adamah alumni are changing what Jews eat, revolutionizing how we gather in community, and planting literal and metaphorical trees for future generations.

Teva helps Jewish day school students deepen their connection to Jewish tradition through developing a more meaningful relationship with nature. Young adults are trained as educators, serving as mentors and gaining valuable leadership skills. In the past 20 years, 500+ schools and 100,000+ students, teachers, and young adults have been impacted by Teva.
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