Introducing: the 2012 New York Ride Book Club

Participants this year’s Hazon New York Ride may join in our second annual book club. This year we’re reading the following:

White Bread: A Social History of the Store-Bought Loaf by Aaron Bobrow-Strain 

Here’s a little about the book: How did white bread, once an icon of American progress, become “white trash?” In this lively history of bakers, dietary crusaders, and social reformers, Aaron Bobrow-Strain shows us that what we think about the humble, puffy loaf says a lot about who we are and what we want our society to look like.

White Bread teaches us that when Americans debate what one should eat, they are also wrestling with larger questions of race, class, immigration, and gender. As Bobrow-Strain traces the story of bread, from the first factory loaf to the latest gourmet pain au levain, he shows how efforts to champion “good food” reflect dreams of a better society” even as they reinforce stark social hierarchies. (Description via

Riders: Sponsor yourself $180 and we’ll send you a copy for free; your choice of hardcover or e-reader version.

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