3rd Annual National Day of Unplugging

Co-sponsored by Hazon

Join Reboot in helping people around the world rejuvenate the ritual of Shabbat by signing on to sign off from technology for the 3rd annual National Day of Unplugging (NDU) on March 23rd-24th, 2012.  Take the pledge to unplug and spread the word here: causes.com/unplug

For the third annual NDU they’re planning an “Unplug and Eat Together” campaign in partnership with Hazon and Slow Food USA.

Organizations that want to host an unplugging event of their own can register here for more info.

The NDU was inspired by the Sabbath Manifesto, an ongoing new take on the ancient notion of a day of rest.  The Manifesto’s ten principles are open for interpretation and encourage carving out one day per week to relax, reflect, and recharge: Avoid Technology, Connect With Loved Ones, Nurture Your Health, Get Outside, Avoid Commerce, Light Candles, Drink Wine, Eat Bread, Find Silence, Give Back.

In 2010 when Reboot launched the NDU, they found that when people observe the first principle, “Avoid Technology,” it provides the space for thoughtful interpretation of the rest of the principles.

This year’s “Unplug and Eat Together” campaign is in honor of principle #8, “eat bread.” We hope you’ll take the challenge to unplug and interpret principle #8 (or any/all of the other principles!) in a way most meaningful for you—share a table with friends and family, gather a group for a tour of your local farmers market, collect donations for your community’s food pantry—it’s your NDU.



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