Hazon Seal Spotlight: Jewish Vegetarian Food Festival at Temple Solel

On November 15th, Temple Solel (FL) held its first Jewish Vegetarian Food Festival with the support of the Hazon Seal Ethical Eating Mini Grant (awarded thanks to the generous support of Emanuel J Friedman Philanthropies).

The festival was designed to teach the community about the environmental and ethical benefits of eating a plant-based diet and making more ethical egg purchases- and doing this all deliciously.

Green team liaisons Stephanie and Scott were happy to share about the event:

“We had – 

  • prominent cookbook author and blogger, Ellen Kanner (the Soulful Vegan), do a cooking demonstration and sample some of her very tasty vegan food;
  • an omelet chef make omelets from ethically sourced eggs and organic vegetables, including some sourced from a local farm;
  • a “coffee bar” with Rainforest Alliance certified coffee and a variety of plant-based milks for attendees to sample,
  • and a representative from Slow Food doing a comparative fruit sampling taste test.

We also had vendors, including two local farms, several representatives from the Jewish Cupboard, our local Kosher Food Pantry that feeds hundreds of holocaust survivors, and our own Sea Level Rise Solutions Group.


Signage everywhere explained why vegan, why ethically sourced eggs, the levels of humane certification from the Jewish Initiative for Animals (JIFA), and descriptions of all the plant-based milks.

We had over 100 attendees and the level of enthusiasm among attendees was very high; I think the community learned a lot about the reasons for choosing a vegan/ vegetarian and more ethically sourced diet, which was our goal. As people left, most stated that they hoped we would make this an annual event.

We are very grateful for the Emanuel J Friedman Philanthropies and Hazon’s support of this event.”


Temple Solel is using the Hazon Seal sign template!

Want to connect with Temple Solel’s Green Team to learn more? Let us know at seal@hazon.org. 

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