[Cross-USA Ride] Participant Email Feb 14


The Hazon Cross-USA Ride!

We’re excited to see you in just a few months!

Whether you’re excited to see the breathtaking state of Washington, to ride on car-free bike trails in Maryland, or seeing everything in between, you’ve signed up for a ride that will have a positive impact on your life!

[Image: Wendy Levine]As always we are thrilled to be embarking on this journey with you. Want to make it more fun? Bring a friend! In fact, email them right now.

If you have any questions about the ride, feel free to contact me at wendy.levine@hazon.org or 212-644-2332 x332.

Happy trails,

Wendy Levine, Cross-USA Ride Director


Facebook Group Just for You!

Get to know your fellow riders, share stories, find someone to train with you or recap your day of training with. The members in the group are on the same boat as you (or possibly the same bike!). We will post updates about the ride, and this group can be used a forum for questions among riders.

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Route Highlight: Helena, Montana

[Image: Happy Trails]

We will be celebrating Shabbat with the Helena Jewish community. Our visit will include:

  • A walking tour of Jewish Helena, including the first synagogue built between St. Paul, Minnesota and Portland, Oregon.
  • Spirited services with the Rabbi from Bozeman, Montana, who will be cycling with us from Helena to Bozeman.
  • Accommodations in either a hotel or a college campus.

For constant updates on our overnights and updated route, follow us on Twitter, @HazonXUSARide.

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Bike options

[Image: Bike Type?]The ride is four months away! If you do not already have a bike, now is a good time to start looking. We recommend touring and sport bikes. These are perfect for the type of riding that will happen over the course of a multi-week trip. Our terrain will vary and we will be utilizing various trails, some of which are crushed gravel rather than asphalt. A touring bike will be able to adapt and keep you comfortable across the country.

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Fundraising Tips

Your Personal Page

The first thing you should do for your fundraising campaign is personalize your website by logging in here. (If you lost your password follow this link or email us). Upload a picture of you cycling, tell your story, and update your page as you train! Send the link to your page out when fundraising. More Personal Page Tips

Who to ask!

The worst thing someone can say to you is “no,” so you might as well ask! We have suggestions on who to ask and how to ask them.

More Fundraising Tools

Training Advice

[Image: Get Psyched!]Now that you have your bike, or are getting it soon, it’s time to start planning your training!

Map Out a Plan.

Planning your goals, training program, and particular rides takes very little time and is extremely valuable as your Ride approaches. Think about when you can make time to ride, where you can ride, who you might ride with, etc. Make sure the goals are achievable and monitor them weekly. Check out our full advice for planning your training program.

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