Who are the Israel Riders Anyway?

A big part of this ride is the people.  To be exact, we are 114 riders, a crew of alumni from the Arava Institute, mechanics, and incredible staff members from Hazon and the Arava Institute.

  • Riders come from four countries–the US, Australia, Israel, and Canada
  • 47 of the group are Israel Ride Alumni…while for 61 others, this is their first Hazon event
  • We range in age from 12 to 74–with two young men celebrating their bar mitzvahs and three individuals older than 70
  • We are 83 men and 39 women
  • 11 riders have never been to Israel before

Everyone is coming from a different place with a singular story. Cycling days on end through the beautiful, and yet sometimes monotonous desert leaves some time for conversation–about 10 hours per day–so I’m hoping to meet a lot of the riders and share their stories with you. Check back from time to time for rider spotlights throughout the rest of the ride.

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