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Care to Share Gathers Over One Ton of Food

Originally posted in UJA Federation’s news. Try to picture 3.3 million grains of rice. If that’s too challenging, you could also visualize 200,000 grapes, 35,000 eggs, 4,000 pomegranates, 440 watermelons, or 220 pumpkins. Each of these quantities of food weighs a solid ton, which is the amount of fresh produce collected during UJA-Federation’s first annual Care to Share fresh food drive in conjunction with Met Council, Hazon, and AmeriCorps. (more…)

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Hunger Banquet: An Interfaith Call to Action

East Bay JCRC, First Unitarian Church of Oakland and California Food & Justice Coalition invite you to a Hunger Banquet: An Interfaith Call to Action with Oakland City Council Member, Rebecca Kaplan November 06, 2011 from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM Experience the inequities of food resources in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not all guests will leave with a full stomach, but all will gain a new perspective on the root causes of hunger and feel motivated to do something about it. (more…)

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Building a bee hive at Ekar Farm

Of Bees and Men: Fixing the Bee Problem

Originally posted on the Jew and the Carrot During the first summer in my current home in Denver, there were plenty of bees in the garden. Every time I walked outside to see how things were growing, I could see the bees buzzing around the plants, happily pollinating my zucchinis and herbs. I had an abundant harvest that year; in fact, I probably still have some pesto in the freezer. The next summer, there were almost no vegetables to harvest. And upon reflection, I realized there were also no bees. That was the summer of 2006. (more…)

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CSA Pick Up

Care to Share

UJA-Federation of New York — in collaboration with Met Council, AmeriCorps, and Hazon — invite you to participate in our first annual Care to Share citywide and volunteer fresh produce drive. Care to Share will take place from Monday, October 3 – Tuesday, October 18, 2011, encouraging volunteers to symbolically fulfill the Jewish custom of gleaning, a custom tied to the harvest season and the Sukkot period. Traditionally, farmers leave the four corners of their fields unharvested so the needy can glean from the fields with dignity. (more…)

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Gleaning Days for Community Food Share

Help Pick Corn and Vegetables for People in Need Sunday, September 18th 9:30 AM – Noon Meet at Food Share, 6363 Horizon Lane in Longmont, CO Gleaning is going over a field or area that has just been harvested and gathering by hand any usable parts of the crop that remain. There are several Biblical references for gleaning. (more…)

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Sustainable meat preparation at the 2010 Hazon Food Conference West.

Food Conference Round Up

The 6th annual Food Conference begins this Thursday in sunny Davis, California. We wanted to take a moment to pull together all the wonderful things going on in the world in preparation. Daniel Infeld notes the momentum around the food movement and highlights Hazon’s Food Values taken into consideration when planning an event, program, or meeting on The Jew and the Carrot. Nadia Schreiber highlights how trendy DIY shechting has become and where it’s happening. Can the Food Conference take credit for starting this one? (more…)

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Chewing on Food Justice: Fruits of Our Labor

Everyone’s talking about “food justice” these days, but what is it – really? What are all the pieces at play? How do they all connect? In what ways does “food justice” reflect our Jewish social justice values? And what are the best ways to plug in and take action? Whether this conversation is new or familiar to you, we hope you’ll join us for Chewing on Food Justice, a break down of our broken down global food system. Chewing on Food Justice: Fruits of Our Labor Join us for the third session of the series to learn about workers rights across the food chain. While food workers are some of the most exploited workers in the global economy, they are also leading up some of the most creative and effective organizing campaigns to improve their conditions and bring about a truly fair food economy. Their struggles remind us that a sustainable food system can only be achieved when the people harvesting, packaging, preparing, and serving our food are treated with respect. Our Jewish values demand it and our collective moral compass compels us to work toward it. Come and learn about some of their dynamic efforts and find out how you, […]

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food conference

Food Justice, Food Systems, and Food Policy

An estimated 100 billion pounds of food, enough to totally eliminate hunger, is thrown away annually in the United States. How much of that wasted food comes from Bar and Bat Mitzvahs? Jews are clearly not the only ones responsible for food waste in this country, but an awful lot of Jewish energy goes into tackling issues around hunger, food justice, food access. Perhaps it’s Maimonides’ legacy of tzedakah, perhaps its our Jewish grandmothers encouraging us to eat, or perhaps its because of the calls to look out for the “stranger, the widow and the orphan” that are woven in to the agricultural practices of the Torah and form the foundation for civil society. (more…)

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Food For All

Chewing on Food Justice: Got Access?

Everyone’s talking about “food justice” these days, but what is it – really? What are all the pieces at play? How do they all connect? In what ways does “food justice” reflect our Jewish social justice values? And what are the best ways to plug in and take action? Whether this conversation is new or familiar to you, we hope you’ll join us for Chewing on Food Justice, a break down of our broken down global food system. Chewing on Food Justice: Got Access? Join us for the 2nd session of the series to learn about food access and sovereignty, featuring a range of guest speakers and presenters. Drawing on inspiration from Biblical stories of land distribution, we’ll explore questions related to poverty, exclusion, power, ownership, control, and democracy… and how all of the above interface with our current global food system. We’ll connect the dots between the urban agriculture movement right here in our own backyard and the international peasant movement that is gaining ground around the world (both literally and figuratively!) – and we’ll learn about how both are part of the same global struggle to take back control of our food system. WHEN: Monday, July 25, 6:30 […]

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Right2Know March – A Mobilization for GMO Labeling

When: October 1 – 16, 2011 Why: We have the right to know what’s in our food, and to choose safe, healthy and sustainable non-GMO food and products. This right is not being respected, so it’s time to… – Mobilize concerned citizens and organizations to speak with one loud voice – Raise awareness about the risks of GMO seeds and crop production – Ask the government to label food and products made from GMO crops These recent actions have created momentum to rally for the right to know about GMOs: – The decisions by the USDA to approve genetically modified Round-Up Ready Alfalfa seeds to be grown without restrictions – The court decision to hold Bayer responsible for the LibertyLink contamination of rice – The pre-emptive action by organic farmers and seed sellers to sue Monsanto for protection from patents on genetically modified seed – The participation of hundreds of organic and natural companies in the Non-GMO Project’s initiative to give consumers an informed choice and protect a non-GMO food supply – Grassroots organizing of the March 26th Right to Know Rallies and the response of 68,478 letters to Congress asking for GMO Labeling (more…)

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Grain Festival – ‘Bread from the Earth’

July 14 – 15, 2011 Join us to share knowledge and skills to revitalize ancient Jewish traditions of grains and artisan bread. More information at GrowSeed.org July 14 – Growing Local Grains UMass Crops, Animal, Research & Education Farm, 89-91 River Rd, north of 116, South Deerfield MA (Exit 24 on I-91) 8:50 – Welcome: E. Rogosa & R. Hazzard 9:00 Why Grow Landraces; the Value of Biodiversity Glenn Roberts, ansonmills.com 9:45 – Breeding Wheat for Local Farms and Community Vitality Guidelines to breed under organic management, using selection criteria, mixtures, weed competition, seeding rates and capacity to adapt to weather, community systems for local grains. Dean Spaner, organic wheat breeder, University of Alberta, Canada 10:30 – Building a Local Grain System Discussion on the work in Vermont and Maine in local production with a focus on organic fertility management and grain quality. Heather Darby, University of Vermont, Ellen Mallory, Organic Bread Wheat Project, Maine Extension 11:15 5,000 Years of Bread: Biodiversity, Climate Resilience and Culinary Arts An overview of the agrobiodiversity and culinary versatility of small grains with guidelines for breeding, seed-saving and culinary creativity. Abdullah Jaradat, USDA-ARS 12:00 Lunch 1:00 – Field Tour of Heritage Wheat Trials with […]

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