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2011 Hazon California Ride

Cross USA Ride Information Sessions

Learn more about the 2012 Hazon Cross USA Ride as the ride’s director, Wendy Levine, travels this October and November to speak to potential riders. View a list of the stops she’ll be making below. We ask that you RSVP if you’re planning on attending. Date Location Time Jan. 23, 2012 Stone Creek Bar and Lounge 140 E. 27th St. (b/w 3rd Ave and Lexington Ave.), New York, NY 7:00 PM

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Ekar Tour de Farm 2011

Ekar Farm’s Second Annual Tour De Farm

Sunday, July 31 2011, 9am-1pm 16 mile ride from Ekar Farm to Delaney Farm and back along the Highline Canal bike path. We’ll stop at Delaney Farm for a tour and fresh Palisade peaches, then on to Sprout City Farm at Denver Green School to see their new farm, and back to Ekar for grilled Colorado Olathe corn, and live Bluegrass music! Bicycle tuning before and repairs during Tour will be provided by Mobile Bicycle Repair $18 per rider, $50 per family All proceeds directly benefit Ekar’s programming and donation of produce to Jewish Family Service’s Weinberg Food Pantry. Ekar Farm and Community Gardens is a communal urban farm, inspired by Jewish values. We work to build community, provide experiential and environmental education, and grow sustainably produced fruits and vegetables, expanding access to those in need.

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Ride with Hazon in Celebrate Israel Parade

Last year over 40 riders joined Hazon in the Celebrate Israel Parade up 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Join us this year! Sunday, June 5th, 11 AM, New York, NY RSVP for a spot in the parade up Fifth Avenue – on a bike! Learn more about the parade. Parade meeting point: 53rd St between Madison and Park Avenue Parade starts: 11:00 Assembly Time: 11:45 Estimated Step off time: 12:30 This is a FREE event!

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Riding for Peace and the Environment

by Misha Zinkow, Israel Rider, November 2010 On October 25, after bicycling from Jerusalem some 300 miles into the Negev and Sinai Deserts, 120 Hazon riders were rewarded with a stunning descent into Eilat, Israel’s southernmost point. Although the ride, the preparatory day and debriefing day spanned only 8 days, my journey in Israel included three Torah portions, Lech-lecha, Vayera and Chaye Sarah, and each parsha offered me a gift and an insight for the ride. Lech-lecha is the story of God’s challenge to Abraham to leave his hometown in Mesopotamia, embrace the radical theological notion that God is one, and to take that message west, all the way to the shores of the Mediterranean. The Torah portion begins with the words “Lech-lecha,” an unusual alliterative phraseology. (more…)

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Stretching Before Your Ride

Did you know that you can make your rides easier by stretching before you get on a bike? Stretching for 1-2 minutes for shorter rides and 5-10 for longer ones can help prevent injury as well as increase your efficiency.

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Hazon Helps Bring Protected Bike Lanes to New York’s Upper West Side

A special report by Mara Friedman, Hazon Advocacy Intern Congratulations to the Upper West Side Community Board on a close 24-19 vote in favor of creating protected bike lanes on Columbus Avenue between 96th-77th street! The auditorium was packed with supporters sporting neon stickers that “Protected Bike Lanes Protect Everyone.” Among the speakers testifying were actor Matthew Modine, and New York Times columnist Randy Cohen, who spoke out in favor of the protected lanes. About a dozen people from Hazon were at the meeting, including Executive Director, Nigel Savage, who spoke on behalf of the Jewish community. Nigel extolled the social justice and environmental impact such bike lanes would have, not to mention the safety benefits. He spoke of the Jewish community’s interest in civil rights movements of the past, driving home the idea that protected bike lanes are not just a fringe issue but that they would be a positive addition to the Upper West Side (UWS) for all its residents. Additionally, Nigel reminded the board that Hazon has collected over 400 signatures of residents and letters of support from over a dozen kosher businesses and synagogues on the UWS. (more…)

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Major Bike Legislation Changes A City

If you have the opportunity to spend time in Amsterdam, Chicago, Copenhagen, Portland, or Bogota, you will witness the possibilities of the bicycle as a main source of transportation. A transportation system in Amsterdam where almost 40 percent of all trips are made by bicycle evolves through a combination of economic necessity, bike friendly policies, a strong integrated public transportation system and a vocal community of cycling advocates.  Recently, the New York City Council took a step toward making the city more bike friendly. They  passed two pieces of bike friendly legislation that will greatly reduce the biggest deterrent to bike commuting: bike theft. Intro. 0780-A (Koppell) – bicycle parking in garages and parking lots. This bill will require the operator of every garage and parking lot with a capacity of one-hundred or more cars to provide and maintain parking spaces for bikes. The law mandates one bike spot for every 10 motor vehicle spots. Prices for the new bike parking will be left up to the garage owners to decide. According to DOT Commissioner Janet Sadik-Khan’s estimates, the law will eventually create more than 20,000 new bike parking spaces in nearly 1,700 locations, mostly in Manhattan. Intro. 0871-A (Yassky) […]

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2005 New York Ride Keynote Address

 by Ariana Silverman This summer, my uncle, a middle-aged working father of three, volunteered to be a Little League Umpire. As many of you know, the difficulty of this particular job is not the physical exertion, or the danger of being confronted by a player, or even that there are that many pitches that are too close-to-call, but having to face the genuine wrath of a parent who feels that his or her child, or even his or her child’s team, has been wronged. During one particularly heated game, my uncle’s calls were repeatedly followed by yelling from an offended mother in the stands. Trying to keep his cool, when, in the middle of the forth inning, she asked for the count, he obligingly held up his hands . My uncle was stunned by her temporary silence, and then it came: “Ump, you’re gonna hafta yell-out the count-I don’t have my glasses on!” Tonight I invite you to join me in a conversation about seeing. Our Torah portion this Shabbat begins with the command to see: Re’eh. Re’eh Anochi Notein L’ifneicheim HaYom Bracha U’klalah. See, this day I set before you blessing and curse (Deuteronomy 11:26). This theme is not […]

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