July 17th Training Ride [NYC Cycling]

THIS WEEK: Ride with Hazon this Sunday, July 17th.

Starting at the JCC Manhattan – 50 miles to Nyack or 40 Miles to Piermont

Hazon rides are open to everyone but you should be able to maintain a minimum speed to stay with the group. We suggest leaving your lock, backpack and any other unnecessary weight at home. Please make sure your bike is in working condition before you leave. If you cannot keep up with the group or if your bike does not work, the Ride Leader may “release” you from our ride.

Start Location and Departure Time
8:45 am at JCC Manhattan on Amsterdam Ave. by 76th St.

[blue_message]Be sure to RSVP for the ride online (We will contact people who RSVP if we cancel due to rain. The current forecast is lovely, but you never know.)[/blue_message]

Nyack/Piermont: North on River Road, return by Suburbs

Ride over the GW Bridge and ride along the picturesque “River Road” on the edge of the Hudson. After climbing away from the water, continue either to Piermont or Nyack, two small NY towns on the Hudson which are great cycling destinations. Both groups will stop to get food at the bike-friendly cafes in town. We will return to Manhattan through some of the NJ suburbs. This will include a short climb before re-crossing the GW Bridge.

We are still looking for ride leaders for this Sunday. If you are able to lead please let us know.

We are looking for additional leaders for future rides- if you are interested, please contact dylan@hazon.org

What you should bring on a Hazon summer ride:

A helmet (mandatory – no one will be allowed to ride without a helmet.

  • Water bottle.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Food or money for food – we suggest having something to eat about every hour; a few bites from a sandwich, a powerbar, etc.
  • Spare tubes – there are often riders who can help fix flats, but you are responsible for having spare tubes.
  • Extra layers (recommended).
  • Subway card, just in case.

What you should do to prepare for a summer ride:

  • Eat a good breakfast! Banana pancakes with maple syrup is ideal.
  • Fill up your water bottles.
  • Arrive at the starting location on time.
  • Come dressed with appropriate cycling clothing.
  • Arrive with your bike ready to roll, tires pumped, and water bottle full.

If you have any questions, please email dylan or call 212 644 2332 x326

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