Helping our Oceans: Hazon Seal Spotlight and Call to Action

By Ariel Marantz and Merav Cohen

In case you missed it, by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish! Our oceans are becoming saturated with microplastics – some so small that we can’t even see them.

Get inspired with some topic-themed ideas and a shout out to a Hazon Seal site doing exceptional work in this space.


We are pleased to shine a spotlight on Temple Solel of Hollywood, FL for all of their work accomplished in this space (Written by Stephanie Jofe of Temple Solel). More info here!

“Being that Temple Solel is located only a few miles from the ocean and many of our congregants live even closer than that, the issue of sea level rise and the health of our oceans is of existential importance to us. Therefore, many of Tikkun Olam Committee’s activities have focused on climate change, sea level rise and protecting the oceans. Toward that end, Temple Solel has accomplished the following projects.” Click here to read the full Spotlight.

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A prayer for Clean Water

The Environmental Protection Agency is issuing a new regulation regarding waterways, which could have negative effects on drinking water, waterways, and wetlands. This is a rollback of the Clean Water Rule issued under the Obama Administration. NRPE is collecting prayers to be sent to the EPA during the comment period, which runs until April 15. Join senior religious leaders, clergy and lay leaders as we pray that the EPA uphold its mission to protect human health and clean water. Longer prayers can be sent to Read more here.

Plastic Island: How our throwaway culture is turning paradise into a graveyard.

Check out this powerful CNN article and video about the detrimental effects of plastic waste on our one and only natural habitat. By water and wildlife, our single-use plastic items travel across the world, littering entire natural systems, reaching even “just about the furthest piece of land from civilization.” Learn about the extent and the urgency of the problem – a must-read!

Be a part of the solution!

We as a society use a terrifying amount of single-use plastics every day, and much of this plastic ends up in our landfills and oceans. It’s heartbreaking seeing more and more articles of whales dying from plastic consumption – do we really want to be a part of that problem? We can dramatically reduce the amount of plastic that we use, sparing plastic pollution, saving us money, and keeping our foods and drink away from plastic/styrafoam based-products. Suggestions:

Make a statement

Consider this special Mezuzah made of recycled plastic bottles salvaged from the sea. This is a unique project by our friends at Tikkun Hayam (Repair the Sea) in Florida, also known as the Scuba Jews who dive and clean the bay. Spread the word, join and support!

A mindful gift

Shop these bracelets – each purchase helps to clean up the ocean!

Best Sunscreens for oceans health?

Raw Elements Sunscreen is a top pick on the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Sunscreens chart, and aims to protect both customers and the ocean. Read more here about sunscreen effects on the ocean and coral reefs here.

More resources

  • How do fish feel swimming in our garbage? Check out this powerful artistic display
  • Learn about the connection between Clothing and our oceans in this Forbes article


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