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It’s almost Tu B’Shvat, and what kind of an environmental organization would we be if we didn’t make a big deal out of it, right?  So here you have it: an entire Hazon Seal Newsletter dedicated (almost) entirely to this magnificent holiday, the birthday of the trees. Like the Jewish people and Judaism itself, this holiday has evolved throughout the ages and I invite you to explore it further and find what your 2020 iteration looks like.

Many blessings for delicious prosperity that endures!


Now Online! Hazon’s New Tu B’Shvat Haggadah

Hazon’s new Tu B’Shvat haggadah offers thoughts and ideas to help you celebrate the new year for trees (which begins Sunday evening, February 9) in your community.

The texts, questions, and activities in the haggadah can serve as a guide for viewing Tu B’Shvat through fresh eyes and recontextualizing the tradition. This haggadah uniquely focuses on the role that trees play in sustaining a healthy planetary ecosystem and mitigating climate change.


Hosting a Tu B’Shvat Seder?

We’d love to help you spread the word. Please send us the info and link to your Facebook event at so we can help publicize your event on social media.

Hazon’s 5779/2019 Tu B’Shvat seder at the JCC Harlem


More for Tu B’Shvat

Hazon’s Tu B’Shvat Holiday Resources include additional awesome resources, tips, and suggestions. Explore away and tell us what you ended up using! Here is a sample of our favorites:




  • This video of a Tu B’Shvat seder celebrates the whole natural world as it also builds community, creates sacred space, and inspires people to live and act with the earth in mind.
  • This TED Talk on Biomimicry in action discusses how scientists, architects, designers, and engineers can explore new ways in which nature’s successes can inspire humanity.


  • Go out and plant! Tu B’Shvat is a great time to start a garden, with sufficient time to grow things for use during Pesach! So, take the time during this holiday to plant something together so you can soon enjoy homegrown fruits and veggies. If you don’t have outdoor space for a garden, there are plenty of ways to grow vegetables and other plants indoors.
  • Start a GrowTorah garden program at your (children’s) school today. GrowTorah develops educational Torah garden programs for Jewish schools and communal organizations.


Hazon Seal Spotlight: A Jewish vegetarian festival in Florida!

On November 15th, Temple Solel (FL) held its first Jewish Vegetarian Food Festival with the support of the Hazon Seal Ethical Eating Mini Grant. The festival was designed to teach the community about the environmental and ethical benefits of eating a plant-based diet and making more ethical egg purchases.
Read what Green Team Liaisons shared about the event
Feeling inspired and want to learn more from them? Reach out to Stephanie at
View all Hazon Seal Spotlights HERE


Plant-Based Weekly D’var Torah

Follow SHAMAYIM’s weekly D’var Torahs about the connection between Torah and animal welfare, and the compatibility of plant-based living with Judaism and Jewish sources! We hope these weekly writings inspire you to live more fully in alignment with the Jewish value of za’ar ba’alei hayim, not causing harm to animals.

* This resource is also available (and easily searchable!) in our Hazon Seal Resource Bank

Try Vegan in Honor of Tu B’Shvat

It’s been said that Tu B’Shvat is the most vegan of the Jewish holidays, because of the many connections to plant-based themes and concepts. Feeling inspired by this environmentally-focused celebration? Be it for the sake of compassion and animal welfare and/or minimizing your environmental footprint (pollution, carbon, and more) — our friends at SHAMAYIM are here to help you start your plant-based journey.

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