Food Policy Mini-Grants for Hazon’s Seal of Sustainability Sites

We are happy to announce new mini-grants to help Hazon Seal sites create and implement a food policy that also promotes ethical food sourcing and animal welfare in their organization.

Thank you for your interest in putting your values into action by implementing a Food Policy and exploring food choices that promote ethical food sourcing and animal welfare.

Click here to learn more about:

  • Why our food choices matter
  • Why animal welfare is important
  • How this is a Jewish issue
  • How are we – right now – at a tipping point toward compassion


Thanks to generous support from EJF Philanthropies, Hazon is pleased to provide a mini-grant opportunity for Hazon Seal sites interested in:

  1. Developing and implementing a food policy, and
  2. Taking steps toward a more informed and compassionate diet

Grants range from $300–$750 and will be granted on a matching basis, in $ or in-kind contributions. ‘In-kind’ can be, for example, hours of work, space, and other services that your community is contributing to the project.

These mini-grants are designed to help you implement changes in your organizational food policy that promote ethical food sourcing and animal welfare, such as reducing meat consumption, serving tasty plant-based food, and sourcing higher welfare meat.

The mini-grants can help offset the cost of switching to higher welfare products in the first year of transition and incentivize and support related educational programming. Use these links to learn more about committing to sourcing higher welfare eggs, and suggested projects in our relevant audit section.

We invite you to walk the talk, be the role model to families in your community, to communities around you, and to American Jewish institutions countrywide – as we take a stand together on this important issue.

The grants are not competitive and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so get started today!

apply here

Please note:

  • Mini-grants are only available to institutions currently participating in the Hazon Seal of Sustainability program. Learn more and apply to the Hazon Seal here.  
  • These national mini-grants are not available to sites which are supported by regional Hazon offices through local mini-grants. Contact our regional offices to learn about additional local grant opportunities: