Cycling News Round-Up! 7/30-8/3

Summer is here, which is the perfect time to get outside and start biking! Here is all the latest cycling news!

  • We couldn’t be more excited to let everyone know about that the official launch of Citi Bike-New York’s first official bike share program consisting of 600 stations and 10,000 bikes in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens! The launch will take place August 23, 7-10 pm at Roulette in Brooklyn. Enjoy food, live music, a silent auction, and more!
  • Tickets available here. For more information, please email or call 646-873-6036
  • In other news, while choosing to ride your bike is always the greener option, the spandex shorts you’re wearing is actually the least environmentally friendly form of apparel! How do I know? Well an industry group called the Sustainable Apparel Coalition is currently working on releasing a prototype of a new index called the Higgs Index. The index allows brands, factories and chemical manufacturers to measure industrial waste, water use, and how big of a carbon footprint they’re creating with their products. It hopes to eventually be able to provide consumers with the data found on clothing tags or websites. Companies in the coalition are surprisingly huge names we’ve all heard of-Patagonia, Wal-Mart, DuPont, and more. Even Nike recently used the index to design some of the national uniforms for the 2012 European Cup soccer championships. They used recycled polyester because it scored well on the index. (Hazon may look into the source of materials at our bike clothing suppliers)
  • Follow this link to learn more about the Higgs Index and which material ranks most environmentally friendly!
  • While biking alone is enjoyable, why not bring your family along for the ride? Gaining much popularity around the states is the idea of biking with your kids! With a 3 year old starting preschool in the fall,  and a love for biking already, it appeared to Anna that biking with her daughter was the most convenient and sensible solution. She investigated her options and asked other parents what works for them and tips about equipment, safety, and getting started. From her research she found that it is possible to ride with her daughter safely, fairly cheaply, and the other advantages outweigh any other form of transportation!
  • Follow this link to read more about her investigation, safety tips, and adorable family biking photos!

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  1. 1Reporter'sOpinion August 6, 2012 at 5:31 pm #

    That spandex thing is a bit of a load. I have bibs that are 10 years old+, have been used often, and are still in good shape. I’m 99% sure I can’t say the same for any of my other clothes.

    I think that novelty tshirts that wind up worn once and sent to the back of the closet are probably the worst offenders.

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