Cycling News Round-Up 7/16-7/20

  • Since the 1990s, David Keegan hasn’t let any excuse take him off his bike. Through rain, winter, and bad traffic, Keegan still believes his 8 mile route to work is more enjoyable on a bike. And although Keegan has enjoyed his bike for many years, he has seen the popularity of biking increase tremendously, mostly due to new city laws and programs making cycling a more practical option. As biking around the city becomes more feasible for all, there is no reason to choose any other form of transportation this summer! Still not convinced? David Keegan himself, by way of the New York Times, will make you stop to smell the roses and get on your bike!
  • People are making bikes out of all sorts of crazy and unique materials today, but a bike made of cardboard would be impossible. Right?    Wrong! For this man, whose passion and long-time hobby is biking, impossible was not an option. He thought, “Why not make a bicycle out of cardboard?” And that is exactly what he did; built a strong and cheap bike completely made out of cardboard.
  • UPDATE: Citi Bike Launch program that was scheduled to start this July, has been pushed back to August, reports Streetsblog. New Yorkers will, however, get some advance notice about the launch when Citi Bike stations start to pop up on the streets. And fortunately, installation of the bike stations can be done quickly, which means the launch should happen quite rapidly!

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