Biking around Boulder with MoHoBo

Moishe House Boulder set up three community members with bikes and helmets as part of their participation in the Hazon Seal of Sustainability.

Already a force in the Moishe House platform as one of the most sustainable and intentional communities, Moishe House Boulder (aka “MoHoBO”) continues to build its reputation in the world of sustainability through their Hazon Seal projects.  Focusing primarily on sustainable living practices, MoHoBo’s Seal projects involve education about bike maintenance and safety and events around food, animal welfare, and how Jewish history relates to current events.

This past year, MoHoBo helped set up three community members with bikes and helmets, and will host a bike maintenance event at Community Cycles, a local bike shop, this spring.  MoHoBo also launched a “Bike for Beer” initiative to incentivize cycling; donated beer from Upslope Brewing Company was served to community members who participated in MoHoBo’s biking programs, and the initiative was highlighted at other sustainability events.   In addition to educational events, MoHoBo is planning a “Tour de Boulder” bike ride as the weather gets warmer!  

MoHoBo has also hosted many events related to other sustainable home and living practices.  They’ve hosted a chicken shechita to highlight importance of local and well-treated meat and dairy products, and hosted events surrounding their membership with Beit Izim, Boulder’s Jewish goat co-op.  Finally, they “hosted an open house surrounding the events in Standing Rock, North Dakota to educate our community on oil and gas usage and how it ties into the story of Channukah,” according to Zack Sapinsley, a member of MoHoBo’s Green Team.

Yasher Koach to MoHoBo for their dedication and excellent work as part of the Hazon Seal of Sustainability!

Moishe House Boulder is one of a cohort of nationwide organizations to receive the Hazon Seal of Sustainability, which certifies that Jewish organizations are “good world citizens” in the realms of food, facilities, and healthy ecosystems.

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