Westchester Trail Ride this Sunday!

Our final NY area summer bike ride will be this Sunday, August 12th. We are going to be utilizing the Putnam Trail which runs from Yonkers to Brewster in Putnam County.  The trail winds between the various highways and forests, past parks, small towns, across the Croton Reservoir, and around various lakes.  Nearly all of it is fully separated from road traffic.

We have two options, with different start locations:

60 mile route: Meet at the JCC Manhattan at 8:30 am.  We will ride through Manhattan and the Bronx, about 13 miles to the start of the trail.  One of the two remaining true gaps in the trail was completed last year, so its is now almost 45 miles of trail riding.  We will end at Brewster and catch a MetroNorth Train back to New York City. Trains are 85 minutes and leave on the 0:16s (we hope to catch the 2:16)

40 mile route: Meet at the 242nd St Subway Stop at 9 am (end of the 1 line).  This route skips some of the urban riding at the start, with only 3 miles until we pick up the start of the trail.  We will have nearly 25 miles of trail riding. We will then ride (on road) alongside the Croton Reservoir to the Katonah train station to return to New York.  Trains are 70 minutes and leave on the 0:23s (we hope to catch the 1:23).

Trains: Both routes are one-way rides, with a return trip by MetroNorth.  Trains are once an hour, but we will try to time the ride so there is a minimal wait.  MetroNorth requires bikes to have a pass, which can be purchased for $5 and is good forever.

Food: Since we are on a trail, there are not many places to stop to pick up food. We will have a few options (none kosher) but we suggest that you bring snacks or even a sandwich or two.

Weather: There are severe storms forecasted for this weekend. They may pass by Sunday, but if not, we will cancel the Ride. Please RSVP to ensure that you receive notice if we need to cancel the Ride.

RSVP for Sunday’s Ride

Note: if you are available to help lead the 60-mile ride, please email david.rendsburg@hazon.org.


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