Week 8: Indianapolis – Pittsburgh

Previous Week: To Indianapolis                                              Next Week: To Washington, DC

More information about how to get involved with the Cross-USA Ride’s Shabbat in Pittsburgh is coming soon!

Join us on the road!

Experience the mobile Jewish community making a change
for a healthier and more sustainable world:
From Indianapolis to Pittsburgh or Pittsburgh to DC for one week,
or any other section of our beautiful country!

Week 8 Journey (Sunday, August 4 – Saturday, August 10)


One of the many stunning bridges in Pittsburgh

The riders begin this week in Richmond, IN as they steadily make their way eastward. The first segment of the journey takes the riders across state lines from Indiana to Springfield, Ohio. The rest of the week continues through the great, flat state of Ohio with riders stopping along the way in Columbus, Coshocton, Steubenville, and finally, Pittsburgh, PA (which is reportedly one of the best cities to live in in the United States!). As they roll into Pittsburgh, the riders have come a long way since they left Seattle eight weeks ago (over 3000 miles). In one week, they will reach their final destination of the White House in Washington, DC!

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