Week 7: Milwaukee – Indianapolis

Previous Week: To Milwaukee                                                          Next Week: To Pittsburgh
The riders will enjoy a quite Shabbat in Indianapolis, with a chance to relax before riding 439 miles.

Join us on the road!

Experience the mobile Jewish community making a change
for a healthier and more sustainable world:
From Milwaukee to Indianapolis or Indianapolis to Pittsburgh for one week,
or any other section of our beautiful country!

Week 7 Journey (Sunday, July 28 – Saturday, August 3)

Pushing the Envelope Farm

Chickens at Pushing the Envelope Farm, which the riders will be visiting in Geneva

With only a few weeks left the riders approach the final push of the ride. During the first few days the riders will cycle alongside historic Lake Michigan.
The riders will then cross into Illinois – the flatest state that the riders will be visiting – arriving in the city of Chicago. The riders will continue the journey meeting the Jewish community in Lafayette and West Lafayette, IN. The final destination for this week is another thriving urban area- Indianapolis. It is hard to believe that there are only two weeks left!

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