Rise to the Challenge – Every Month!

To start off the secular new year with sustainability in mind, the Hazon Seal launched its first monthly sustainability challenge! Open to everyone, participants are given the opportunity to challenge themselves to bring sustainability into their lives in engaging, creative ways.

The monthly challenge demonstrates a range of simple projects to integrate environmental practices and values in individuals’ lives; achievable for sustainability beginners and experts alike! The topics include a range of environmental issues tied to Jewish learning and holidays — for example, January’s challenge encouraged participants to upcycle plastic containers into planters in celebration of Tu b’Shvat, the Jewish New Year for trees, with the aim of reducing waste that piles up in landfills.

In addition to being eligible to win fun prizes, like a vintage Hazon t-shirt or delicious jam from the Adamah Farm at Isabella Freedman, participants get a glimpse into how Jewish values and sustainability intersect in their lives. They also then have a platform through which they can share these learnings with those in their social networks and work together to complete the challenges. The outcomes aim to be multi-fold: diverse networks learn about sustainability, sustainability is put into action, and the culture around how we consume, waste, and impact our environment begins to shift.

Spreading the sustainable word has never been so easy! Be a part of the sustainable surge. Keep an eye open for the monthly sustainability challenge and post your own creative piece by tagging Hazon and using the hashtags #sealchallenge #hazonseal.

How to participate:

– Post publicly on your Facebook/Instagram profile and tag Hazon OR post your photo entry in the comments of the post; email submissions welcomed at

– Tag 1 friend to do the challenge next

– Use the hashtags #sealchallenge #hazonseal

– Extra points for creativity!

Explore below the creative projects that were submitted for the January upcycle sustainability challenge, including the winner of a vintage Hazon t-shirt!

The January Sustainability Challenge winners — students from Ben Porat Yosef in New Jersey — showcase their upcycled menorah crafted primarily from plastic bottles.

The project submitted above showcases plastic bottles that were creatively upcycled into planters.

One challenge participant explained how she took a newspaper stand and transformed it into a compost drop-off bin in her local neighborhood to encourage passersby to “think outside of the box”!