Rider Spotlight: Benji Kayne, Riding with his Dad Danny

Benji and Danny Kayne at Sde Boker

For Danny it’s been five years on the Israel Ride, but for Benji, it’s his first. He joins his dad, who is riding a recumbent bike through the Negev. Both of them are cheered on by Abra, another member of the Kayne tribe, who is an alumna of the Arava Institute, and a member of this year’s crew. They know it’s a ride and not a race (one of the unofficial mottos of the Israel Ride), but when Benji finishes first, it’s definitely a race.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m originally from Columbus, OH, where my dad Danny and my mom Naomi still live.  I’m the last in my family to do the Ride. My sister Talia and my mother did it in the past, and my sister Abra, an alumna of the Arava Institute, has crewed the ride in previous years, and is back this year to cheer us on (and make us breakfast!).

How did you hear about Hazon/the Israel Ride?

My sister was a student at the Arava Institute, and my family has always been passionate about both Israel and biking. It just made sense.

Favorite snack when biking?

I bring an organic energy drink on every ride.

What’s the best fundraising trick you’ve got up your sleeve?

Ask all your dad’s friends before he does. But seriously, folks, I know they say shorter is better when writing a fundraising letter, but when fundraising for two not-as-widely-recognized organizations with incredible missions, educating others is important. Step outside the Jewish circle–everyone cares about these issues. I fundraised in my professional circle, the gay community, and my sports teams just to  name just a few. Oh yeah, and I promised everyone postcards.

Do you have any special promotional offers for participants in the 2010 Israel Ride?

Funny you should ask that, Rachel. I recently became a partner in a custom-suiting business. I’d like to offer anyone on the Ride a 20% off a custom-tailored suit and a free custom-fit blue or white shirt custom-fit shirt to celebrate the 2010 Israel Ride. I can be contacted at benjamin@kaynelive.com.

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