Israel Sustainable Food Tour – Tentative Itinerary

We are pleased to present a draft of the itinerary for the Israel Sustainable Food Tour, a partnership of Hazon and the Heschel Sustainability Center. For more information about the tour visit Please note that all stops on this draft itinerary are tentative. A final itinerary will be published leading up to the tour in May.

Heschel – Hazon 3rd Israel Sustainable Food Tour
May 22-27, 2013 י”ג – י”ח סיון, תשע”ג

Time Activity Location
Wednesday, May 22
10:30 AM Bus Pick Up in Jerusalem
11:30 AM Bus Pick Up at Airport
12:00 PM Lunch at an Organic CSA Gan Hasadeh in Kfar Ruth
2:00 PM Hit the ground picking produce at Kvutzat Schiller, and hear about issues of nutritional insecurity under the auspices the of Leket – Table to Table Kvutzat Schiller
7:00 PM Opening Dinner: Eucalyptus Restaurant, chef Moshe Basson Jerusalem
Overnight: Little House in Rehavia Jerusalem
Thursday, May 23
8:00 AM To market: Insider’s tour and taste of Machaneh Yehuda, the storied open air shuk in Jerusalem. Jerusalem
10:00 AM Meet with Yossi Wolfson of the Zangvill Center, and discuss vegetaranism and animal rights Jerusalem
1:00 PM Jewish Permaculture: new/old wisdom with Talya Shneider, Israel’s permaculture guru. Kiryat Ye’arim
4:00 PM Food and Agriculture, National Policies and Prospects: Meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Hebrew U’s Faculty of Agriculture Rehovot
8:00 PM Dinner/Theater at the NaLaga’at Center, including an amazing play Not By Bread Alone Rehovot
Overnight: Mishkenot Rut Daniel Yaffo
Friday, May 24
9:30 AM Tour of Tel Aviv’s renewed port, and the innovative farmer’s market there (the first of over a dozen across the country) Tel Aviv
12:00 PM Urban Ecology and Community Gardening with Barak Ben Chanan of the Maoz Aviv Community Garden Tel Aviv
Shabbat in Zichron Yaakov at boutique hotel, Beit Daniel. We will light candles and bring in Shabbat together, and participants will be free to go to a synagogue of the local community (Reform, Conservative/Masorti, National Religious, Sephardi, Haredi) both evening and morning, for those interested.  After dinner at the hotel we will relax together and reflect on the week-that-was… Zichron Yaakov
Saturday, May 25
Breakfast at the hotel, and time for optional services in the morning, as well as group learning and discussion, both study sessions about Jewish views on food sustainability, and opportunities for participants to share with the group about projects and initiatives they are involved in; as well as time for relaxing and exploring the neighborhood. Zichron Yaakov
6:00 PM Breaking Bread in Galilee: Meet with Abbie Rosner, expert in traditional foodways from the Bible to the Present Zichron Yaakov
Saturday Night Out in Ein Hawd, a Palestinian Arab village, and eat in the delicious restaurant Nof Mul Hawadi. Ein Hawd
Sunday, May 26
8:30 AM Organic Agriculture: Visit one of Israel’s leading organic farms, Makura. We will meet with its owner and operator Guy Rilov, who is active in the national Israel Bio-Organic Agriculture Association and ABM-AgriBioMediterraneo,  the Mediterranean regional organization, and get a comprehensive overview of sustainable agriculture in Israel. Makura
11:00 AM Israeli Palestinian Arab Perspectives: Head up to the lower Galilee, to the village of Shefar’am, and visit the Galilee Society, Israel’s leading Arab health and environmental advocacy agency. We will meet there with director Bakker Awawdy, to explore issues of land, water, agriculture, nutrition and health among Israel’s Palestinian Arab citizens. Shefar’am
1:00 PM Lunch at Yutke’s, a vegetarian organic restaurant. Harduf
2:15 PM Sustainable Dairy Farming at Harduf, Israel’s largest organic dairy. We will tour the dairy and the organic fields, which are also the focal point of an inspiring project of work with youth-at-risk. Harduf
Dinner and Overnight in the Galilee, TBA
Monday, May 27
8:30 AM Breakfast at Kibbutz Lochamei Ha-Ghetta’ot Lochamei Ha-Ghetta’ot
9:15 AM Visit mega-soyfood manufacturer, Tivall Products. We will meet with one of their leading food scientists on the question: “Processed Soy Meat Alternatives – Boon or Bane?” Lochamei Ha-Ghetta’ot
11:30 AM Spice and Spirit: As we head back to the center of the country, we will stop at the Derech HaTavlinim Herb and spice farm. With over 1000 different herbs and spices on sale, many of which grown on the premises, this is a feast for the senses – and a great place for some souvenirs to take back. Beth Lehem Haglilit
3:00 PM Farewell Session and Dinner: We will finish our trip with a meeting with media personality Miki Haimovitch, and social entrepreneur of the new nationwide Meatless Mondays campaign, and leader of Israeli sustainable food activists and advocates. Tel Aviv
6:00 PM The bus will depart for the airport, and participants will be free to avail themselves of it, or make their own travel arrangements.
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