Israel Ride Touring Options Announced

The Israel Ride is more than just a bike ride – it’s a week-long fully supported tour of Israel, complete with hotel accommodations, great food, expert tour guides, and a wonderful community of cyclists.

For many riders, one highlight of the Ride is the sight-seeing and educational opportunities along the route. The Israeli landscape is full of historic sites, natural features, modern villages, and other points of interest. Unlike a bus tour, when you travel by bike you spend more time absorbing your surroundings.  We build in time for all participants to learn about the past, present, and future of the land.

[blue_message]For more information about the Israel Ride, please explore the Israel Ride section of our website. More Information[/blue_message]

Cycling-Touring Hybrid: Our shortest route option offers a unique blend of cycling and touring. Each day, this group will ride for half a day, typically until our lunch stop, and then spend the afternoon on a tour of nearby points of interest before returning to the hotel to rejoin the rest of the group for dinner.

For the second time, the Israel Ride is proud to partner with the Jewish National Fund, who will be organizing the first two days of touring.  JNF staff and guides will explore some of their projects in the region, from 100-year old forests to current stream restoration projects.  For the second half of the ride, the Ride educators will lead tours of a desert valley with a hidden spring, a tour of Kibbutz Ketura, and to Timna, the site of the oldest copper mines in the world. A full itinerary can be found on the Touring and Education page of the Israel Ride website.

En-Route Education: Regardless of what route you choose, you can learn about local environmental challenges and successes in the region, as well as the history and modern politics of the area.  Some of our rest stops are at popular tourist destinations, such as Beit Guvrin (ancient caves from the Roman period) and the grave site of David Ben Gurion. Others are slightly more off-beat, including the Besor Wadi, the ancient southern boundary of Israel and modern ecological challenge as well as Avdat, an ancient Nabatean stronghold atop a desert mountain.

[blue_message]The 2011 Israel Ride will be held November 8-15 and includes five cycling days from Jerusalem to Eilat. Riders pay a registration fee and raise a minimum level of sponsorship to benefit Hazon and the Arava Institute. Note that the registration fee will increase on August 1st from $499 to $575. Register Today[/blue_message]


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